Do Crab Air have a sense of humour?

Or is the Mil Forum on the other means a poor representation?   :p
Lets not forget though, that until 1st April 1918, only the Army and Navy flew.

So, technically the RAF is a direct descendant of the two!
Here we go again ;D


I think the Crab Air Jokers who's webbing is held together with cellotape, and watches run in a parrallel universe are fine people, never getting the wrong grid or running out of hours and moving to the nearest 4* hotel.......

Just as well there main customers arnt the Army.......
Opps, hang on they are........

Could give the AAC SH of course, or would that work.....

how about binnining the fat idiots at JSHU and putting AAC blokes in there?

i'll stop thinking in a bit ;D


If we are descendants, then by definition, we have evolved.  A little bit like humans from apes!! ;D

Remember, why be uncomfortable when there is a perfectly good hotel down the road!


Tree men at a bar: Mr. Heineken, Mr. Amstel, and Mr. Grolsch.

Mr. Heineken orders a Heineken .

"A beer.... good idea", says Mr. Amstel, and orders an Amstel .

Then it's Mr. Grolschs turn to order: "A lemonade, please".

"Why are you ordering lemonade?" ask Mr. Heineken and Mr. Amstel?

"Well", says Mr. Grolsch, "If you guys are not ordering beer, I won't either".  ;D

RAF, accept no substitute!!  :p
If the RAF are a descendant of the Royal Navy and the Army but these two were never married, that makes the RAF.....well, you work it out!

Nice one centurion ;D

So the RAF are a product of a sordid affair up a back alley 90 odd years ago, explains everything


Having never been up "the back alley", we cannot possibly comment. Perhaps my more learned chums in the AAC could comment more fully!  :eek:

As for the never getting married....was a Royal Marine not such a product?  

Tally ho!  must dash, room service at the door! ;D  and a hot hosty awaiting attention :p


Just proving that we have a sense of humour!  Nice to see that you are encouraging your chaps to join us.  Must go (it is the weekend you know! ;D)

ps  Dog Turds, I presume you mean Landrovers  :p
Of course they have! the sods are always smiling when they chuck you out
of a perfectly good fat albert(before the buggers landed.) :D
Of course we do. Who else would want to look like an RAC patrolman?

PS. Some may not have humour, but given the other options of bobbing around in a ship or shaking the sand out of your shreddies whilst living in hole, it is hardly surprising why some choose to join the junior service.
Of course we have a sense of humour.

The RAF was formed on 1st of April 1918 ......... & we've kept that wide-up going all these years & none of you RN & Army lot have sussed yet! :)
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