Do COs gain the same skills as NCOs?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Knightwars4, Apr 9, 2011.

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  1. So will a CO leave how to use a rifle or a particular weapon as effectively as a NCO?

    If a CO is taught how to do something, will they be taught to be just as proficient at it as a NCO?

    I would really like to receive honest answers because this could make or break my decision to be an Officer or Soldier in the Paras.
  2. Holy mother of god
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  3. I will be nice, your question is a bit silly.

    You get to be a CO when you are in your mid 40's, after 1 Year SC, ten years of OC, about five years of being a 2IC or IO, 2 years as ADJ, 3 years of being Platoon Commander and maybe six months as Platoon/Tp 2ic.

    If you can't shoot straight after that its time to give up!

    Please note I left out the SO2 Route for fear of confusing the poor lad!
  4. My thoughts exactly. This has to be a wah?
  5. Don't be nice, it's too ******* "silly" for that. That said, I think by "CO" the poor chap means a Commisioned Officer - going by his "make or break my decision for officer/soldier in paras".

    That said:

    Dead on.
  6. Am I in the naafi bar ?
  7. I think he's gen; his past posts place him as a 14 year old ACF keano. Remember 5.56mm anyone?

    Alternatively, if this is a wind up, whoever's doing it is playing the long game.
  8. I am not wasting your time one bit. Neither am I here to be taken for a wah.
  9. If you were you'd be knocked out.
  10. When you say 'CO' do you mean 'Commanding Officer' or 'commissioned officer'?

    And when.... No. It's a failed wah.
  11. Commissioned Officer. Sorry for the confusion.
  12. Knightwars4, just to save time and effort on everybodys' part, could you tell me how old you are.

    That way people will know how to pitch their answers.

  13. He's a 14 year old cadet with aspirations to do a PhD, then join Para, SAS and then (I quote) get on the circuit.

    Always nice to have a well laid out plan...

    Read his other posts, I'm sure you're already imagining how they went down :)
  14. Dude- do some research into the whole subject. Go and read a few books (Junior Officers Reading Club by Patrick Hennessey for one), have a good read through all the relevent stuff on the army website, and try to get hold of some of the army officer recruiting bumph- maybe your school has a careers library you could have a look around? Also have a look through the British Army blog site here The Official British Army Blog to find some stuff about both training at RMAS and completing P-Company as an officer.

    You might find the answers to a lot of your questions!
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