Do Civilians get Military Gongs?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Lower_Jumper, May 6, 2011.

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  1. Do elected officials receive military regonition? I know they wouldn't be adorned with campaign medals or those of heroism but I was watching a report on the CBC of a newly elected Conservative wearing (what appeared to be) a brand new medal. It looked suspiciously like something one would acquire in the service.

    In the U.S., any dirt bag politician can be buried in national military cemetaries (much to the chagrin of actual combat veterans). So I suspect other countries may afford pols military accolades as well.

    Is this a fact? Any examples enforcing or contradicting this?
  2. Civilians working in war zones get the medal of the operation they are working in, so perhaps this fellow you saw had worked in Iraq, Afghanistan or where ever....or perhaps he was a former soldier.
  3. Agree with that, though don't the civ gongs have a detail missing such as a flash, or a different coloured one? May not be the case, I thought it was though?
  4. Thanks for that. Though I'm right in thinking that MBE types come with a degree of difference?
  5. Not quite true as to US cemeteries. Not true as cemeteries run by Dept of Veterans Affairs. All buried must be a veteran meeting certain as to honourable discharge, time of service, length of service. Reserve members must have retired status unless they die while on active duty or from wounds sustained from active. There are exceptions to time in service requirements for those holding certain medals (Medal of Honor, Navy Cross, Distinguished Cross etc) and for those who were prisoners of war. without these requirements, politician or not, no burial in VA cemeteries.

    Arlington National Cemetery is run by Dept of the Army and has slightly different rules. Although somewhat stricter criteria apply in general they also will bury any President or former President veteran or not. Arlington will also bury US elected officials (not state officials) and justices of the US Supreme Court who have active military service, even if not enough to be otherwise eligible. It is not open to any "dirt bag politician", only to politicians who have served in uniform honorably.

    There have been a few non military buried at Arlington pursuant to a presidential order. One was a US Ambassador who was assassinated while serving as ambassador to IIRC Sudan or Somalia. I also recall that some of the astronauts killed on Challenger and Columbia were buried together, both civilian and military together as there was some difficulty sorting the remains they had.

    Hope this clarifies the issue for you.
  6. The mil version has a central stripe on the ribbon - although it is entirely possible to get awarded a civ div MBE if you are serving - sport, charity etc.
  7. Fully aware of that, I was just clarifying the distinction between being awarded under mil or civ merit. Thanks though.
  8. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Civilians working for HMG in Iraq received the Iraq Reconstruction Service Medal (see picture below) instead of the Iraq Medal. The same was not replicated for Afghanistan due to cost and whilst civilians do not qualify for the OSM Afghanistan, they do get the NATO ISAF medal.

    View attachment 42884
  9. Yes the RAF get medals ...... oh wait civilians? ....... Ah well same thing
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  11. I know of a couple of civvis that have the Iraq medal from their support work. They have the same medal, and the same criteria to be awarded the medal as the squaddies. It even comes engraved with their name.

    They didn't get a "rebuild Iraq" qong though.
  12. There's a lad in my rugby club, well I say lad - he's 50! He's a snivelling serpent and works for the MoD. He has done several tours as some kind of local "combat cashier" in the financial line. As he result he has NATO Bosnia and Kosovo, Telic and Herrick and Sierra Leone OSMs. No Jubilee or LS I expect the grandchildren of the Waltenkommando will be gunning for him in a few years on Remembrance Sunday 2030!
  13. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Entirely possible and permissable as long they were for two different qualifying periods:

  14. so poor marconi sod picked up the falklands medal when the ship he was on sailed off from ascension with him still on:).
  15. I was under the impression that Police Officers who serve in certain areas whilst training the ANP get the OSM, although I stand to be corrected?