Do British Troops get Pop Star Treatment?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Skynet, Nov 26, 2007.

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  1. Fox TV commentator Bill O'Reilly visits U.S. troops in Afghanistan

    NEW YORK - Bill O'Reilly thinks American troops are not getting enough support - from the charity that sends over entertainers, the USO.

    After a surreptitious trip to Afghanistan last weekend, the cantankerous Fox News Channel commentator told The Associated Press that he is disappointed that the United Service Organizations "doesn't put anybody out there (in Afghanistan)."

    "I went to thank these guys on behalf of me and my audience," he said in an interview from Istanbul, Turkey. "As far as I know, the only famous people in the past year were (country music singer) Toby Keith and me."

    The USO - the organization that famously brought Bob Hope to Vietnam and Marilyn Monroe to Korea - did not immediately return calls seeking comment. The non-profit charity group has been active sending comedians and professional golfers on entertainment tours to bases in the Persian Gulf.

    O'Reilly, who flew to Afghanistan on Friday to visit Camp Eggers in Kabul and Bagram Air Base, has long been upbeat about the U.S. mission there. He has also been an impassioned supporter of the troops, unwilling to recognize any shades of grey when it comes to expressing opinion on the Armed Forces.

    O'Reilly said he we went to Afghanistan to get an impression of the state of affairs there, but it was unclear whether he moved about the country without military escort or spent any time outside of the U.S. bases.

    He met with General Dan McNeill, commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan, and Major General David Rodriguez, the commander of U.S. forces there. "The O'Reilly Factor" will air interviews with the two commanders and other footage from the trip, which ended Sunday, next week.

    But O'Reilly's main purpose, he said, was to pat the troops on the back.

    "We'll hear a lot from the soldiers themselves," he said. "Nobody visits these guys, tells them we appreciate what they're doing."
  2. Yeah they do.
    Everytime I used to step out onto the square with a sneer on my lips, combing my hair back into an Elvis quiff - a bunch of NCO's and the RSM used to scream at me.

    "Where's your fcuking beret you cnut!!"
  3. I've seen Shawaddywaddy in Banja Luka, does that count ?

    I also saw Bobby Davro in Dungannon and Linda Lusardi in Belfast, no prizes in guessing which I prefered
  4. They don't put anybody out there because in spite of being dead for forty years Marilyn Munro is still off her face and Bob Hope's corpse wouldn't survive the journey in one piece.
  5. I seen Jim Davidson, Katherine Jenkins and Heather Small, Does that count?
  6. Bill O'Reilly is a cnut - end of.
  7. I saw a lot of Pop Star treatment over the Thanks Giving holiday here in the States. I flew to Las Vegas from Nashville and saw a few troops (in uniform) flying home for the four day weekend.

    The Troops in uniform were the the first to board the plane. Once aboard, they were given free booze for the 3 hour flight. Numerous passengers on the plane got out of their seats to shake hands and thank the young squaddies for their work. I had dinner the same night at a Hibachi restaurant and there was a squaddie at my table. A business man at my table picked up his tab.

    If I wasnt so far up my own arse I would have done the same, but I am way too shallow and selfish to take part in such nonesense.

    Calm your jets there Bill. (insert celeb name here) may not be visiting the troops abroad, but they are certainly looked after on the homefront.
  8. My bold

    says it all really.
  9. He's also fcuking mad. A couple of months ago he nearly hit a female colonel on his show who disagreed with Bush's assessment with how big a threat Iran was. I think he'll end his days in a lunatic asylum.
  11. Bradley Walsh and Sam Fox (poisoned dwarf) in Boz many moons ago.

  12. Bob Carolgees on Granby, to be fair he was quite amusing but hardly A list
  13. We had Giant Haystacks and some other naff wrestler in Herford once!
  14. I once had 'The Bailiffs' after my authograph.
  15. So why don't the top stars go out to Iraq and Afghanistan for free to entertain the troops at Christmas or do they?