Do British officers take themselves too seriously?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Krazy_Ivan, Jan 25, 2013.

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  1. I'd say serious answers only please, but as I've put this in the NAAFI - any responses are welcome.

    I have worked all over Afghanistan over the past five years, but have spent the last two and a half in KAIA. In my time in the army I've known junior british officers who are grteat fun, beer monsters and sniff around chicks like a dog with two dicks, but once they reach the rank of Major/Lieutenant Colonel it's almost as if their sense of fun has died. I'm sure they are great with their children/grandchildren/spouse/small furry animals, but it's almost as if they've withdrawn from living.

    I ask this as I know a large number of senior(ish) foreign officers, barring the brits - they mostly all are up for a bit of a laugh, you'd be surpised at how many French Lt Cols/Colonels do Zumba! Is it just my exposure to particular British officers or am I just making a sweeping generalisation? Are our mid-senior level officers slightly older than their foreign counterparts of the same rank?

    There's no real reason for my asking this question, it's based on one of those random conversations had over brunch on a quiet friday morning.

    Before you mention my age or otherwise, I'm 36 years old, straight & had a decent time in the Army, so I'm neither an eagle or a crow.
  2. Aye but you don't know what they do behind closed doors do you? I vaguely remember a certain officer,and she had a thing about S6 respirators.
  3. But does she remember you?
  4. I know an RLC major who's still as much of a drink fiend and party animal as she was when she was a private.
    On the flip side I've met lots of junior officers who are so far up their own arses they wouldn't know reality if it smacked them in the face.

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  5. While I cannot speak about only British officers above the rank to which you have focused your question---in other words above that of those who "are grteat (sic) fun, beer monsters and sniff around chicks like a dog with two dicks"--I think the phenomenon to which you refer is more generally in the nature of many of those officers LtCol and above have by that point in their careers also been raising preteen and teenage children and they simply grow weary of having to do the same at work as at home.
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  6. My OC is a RAF Flight Lieutenant (Captain equivelent) and a real pain. It is all I can do most days not to shut the door and batter the arrogant little joe bag.
    The RAF officers seem to be bellends until they get to Squadron Leader or Wing Commander (Major or Lt Colonel equivelent). It must be a part of their course at Cranwell.
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  7. Could it be anything to do with length of contracts? The fun lovers giving being a rupert a crack for a few years hitting Capt and moving on. The thrusters/strokers see it as a job for life and don't wish to blot their copybook/already have a personality bypass.
  8. Must be a groundpounder. Or a Harrier pilot.
  9. Not major What'shername? Royal Signals, Blandford, 1998-1999ish? I heard similar rumours.

    I'd also like to apologise for my truly awful spelling "grteat" & "surpise", well beofre any other bugger picks me up for it.
  10. Aaaaaargghhh fucking "beofre"???
  11. I cannot confirm or deny that.
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  12. RAF Police mate.
  13. It's because they've got married, carried on their antics, been found out and now have only their office as a safe haven.
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