Do birds really fancy helicopter pilots?


Many years ago I lived for a short period of time in San Diego. One of the stops on the Brits-on-the-Pish in California tour was a trip out to Miramar, the fighter station made famous by the movie "Top Gun." And, yes, we went to that bar.

It was surprisingly like the scene in the film; lots of tanned, athletic spam "Naval Aviators" in gleaming whites, aviator sunglasses and lots of gold badges and medals (they looked like a gay dance troupe to me), surrounded by what can only be described as a fcuking phalanx of the most gorgeous southern Californian crumpet I have ever seen, ever, hanging on to their every word. Sickening.

What they didn't show you was a smaller group of blokes in khaki uniforms wearing chip bag hats with skinhead haircuts sitting on their own in the opposite corner. They looked a lot harder (i.e. uglier) but the crumpet quotient was virtually non-existent. We wandered over to these blokes and asked them who they were, in our amiable English way, and why they weren't trapping.

They explained that they were USMC helicopter pilots, cobra squadron, and that the chicks went for the Tomcat pilots and not them, "and we ain't gay, either" lamented one of the jarheads. Very sad.

So, it's the Dog & Duck on Friday night somewhere in England. It's a half dozen NCO army helo pilots versus fifteen crab Tornado pilots. Who'd trap the most?

Depends on the stakes . . .

If it were "with a lady this time" (to continue the Top Gun theme) then I'd easily say the the NCOs - after all, the Lynx effect is irrestible! (HA!)

However, if it was just who would trap the most, then clearly the Tornado jocks would win - do I need to explain further other than to say let's call the said Dog & Duck "The Blue Oyster" ???

I think you know where I'm coming from! :wink:


What you are all forgetting is that in the other corner sit the Bowser Mongs with the truly lovely ladies!!!

Remember being asked a question in a bar one night by a delightful bird:

She - What do you Fly?

Me - A Landrover!!

Still pulled.
sadly id have to say the tornado lads. thats one of the resons tier such stuk up knuts. dont think iv met a pilot jyet that has not been a twot. not talking about chopper pilots you AAC lot seem to be ok.
i was in a bar in Lincoln waiting for my beer and from behind me i hear "hi i'm red 5 don't u know" bloody crabs
Just been away FAC-ING , tonka pilots are all old or gay or both . There not very nimble and always come from the wrong direction . AAC cannot say much about there pulling skills but they have some good FAC's . Chicks dig cam cream FAC's get all the action .
eve1962 said:
I'd definitely go for the uglier helicopter pilots
I think ugly is the only option for you Eve, unless you are willing to venture into the animal kingdom for loving :D

Did LJH tell you he was a pilot?
Always found they fancied em till they opened their mouths.......

Sum total of conversation.... there I was at 300' AGL........

So back to REME's who said... fancy a Shag luv?

Worked everytime <g>
Quick poll of missus mates who are all nurses.Got to be Fleet air arm harrier pilots ,it all to do with thrust apprently :roll: . Many years
a go knew a student nurse who was dating a civi helicopter pilot she watched top gun religiously though .
Mighty_doh_nut said:
Did LJH tell you he was a pilot?
Pilot??? Come on mate - think what you like about me, but pilot woulda made me AAC - even I wouldn't stoop THAT low ffs!

I only ever did it once. Onest.
Manchester Army Display 69 (1969) and John was up there with a Sioux. Good looking young WRAC cums over and Oh can I sit in it ?
Waffle waffle waffle, can you fly it .
Yeah course I can. Oh will you take me for a quicky, flight that is.
Sorry luv pilots got the work ticket and keys.
I hang my heed in shame.

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