Do Avionics Techs in REME see alot of combat?

I recently began the application process and due selection in march. I've chosen avionics tech and aircraft tech as my first and second choice careers.

Do the technicians see much combat? Do they even get posted on operations often?

My ACA couldn't give a very detailed answer.

Would like to hear from any techs serving at the moment.

No, they don't see much fighting, unless they are very much in the wrong place - eg outside the Sindlesham Mill (I know it's closed now). Why would we want to train someone for up to 18 months in order to put them on the front line? Not really giving the Corps a good return on its investment.

They do a lot of op tours, like everyone else.
There are a lot of females in that trade so a lot of shogging goes on up the ranks. Enjoy your time at trade.
Thanks for the informative replies.

It is difficult to research different trades without speaking to serving or ex techs.

I now know that avionics and electronics basic is combined and choice of trade depends on personal decision and academic ability.

Has anyone recently reached the end of this phase and has chosen?
What is the competition like for Avionics tech.?
Where does this training take place?




To answer two of your questions:

‘What is the competition like for Avionics tech?.’ The Career Employment Groups of Technician Electronics and Technician Avionics are recruited together. The number of vacancies is based on the needs of the Corps and last year we needed to produce 150 new Tech Elects/Avionics. Due to predicted failure rates at SEAE we needed 180 from phase 1 (basic trg) and again due to predicted failure rates at phase 1 a higher number of recruits are needed. Historically we have not struggled to find enough recruits for the tech trades.

When you get to the School you will be streamed into a CEG. For the Tech Elects/Avionics this happens at the end of the Basic Electronics module. By this time you will have been at the school for a year and will have had opportunities to talk to upgrader students and the permanent staff. Armed with this insight people’s aspirations can change and where possible these are accommodated. In principle the better that you have done in training the more likely you are to get your first choice.

‘Where does this training take place?’ All of the blue beret phase 2 training takes place at Arborfield. To start with you will be trained within SEAE Tech Branch and then move across the Defence College of Aeronautical Engineer (Arborfield).


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