Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by jumpinjarhead, Mar 3, 2010.

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  1. Boy is he fast! Showmanship shooting but that double shot is amazing. Until the film is slowed down it does just sound like one shot!

    Now, where is my 9 mil?

  2. I was disappointed. I expected the thread title to be ironic and sarcastic and we would see blood.

    The guy is impressive, I could take him though. From behind a rock. Three hundred yards away. With a rifle. And a scope. And a good day.
  3. That is mindwateringly fast to do anything at all.

    Wonder what he's like with live rounds - I imagine it would slow him up to have to aim at all.

    Still bloody impressive though.
  4. Would love this to see this recorded again in HD, in slow motion. So we could really appreciate the speed.

  5. Doesn't look real. The angle of the gun as it fires is point towards the floor. I'm not convinced.
  6. KINELL!!! Now that's what you call fast! It's even more amazing, since he draws from a modified Yaqui holster and not from a Bridgeport rig. Cheers for posting the link, JJ, most entertaining.

  7. Cameraman is brave standing at the target end of the range.

    I like that he thinks the next fastest thing is light.
  8. Perhaps there aren't any bullets involved???
  9. I thought he said he was fireing blanks, the blast and fragmentation from a blank will pop a baloon at that range
  10. arrogant basteward though isnt he.
  11. I assume you are also auditioning for the Soprano part in the chorale? :D
  12. Typical Septic arrogance..... :D
  13. If I understood the video correctly, his latter shooting is with live ammunition.
  14. He is a Septic....what is your point? :)