"...taking an important call on deportation issues..." I hope if he was discussing important government business he was using a secure phone, otherwise one might think has his comment is bollox.
At exactly what stage of driving along the road did he realise the call was so important he had to take it? Before or after he answered it?

No excuse and the blatant hypocrisy makes it worse. Driving? Sod it, they should ban him from holding office if he can't respect the laws of the land.
With all the money that MP's make he can't afford a hands free kit?
Huge fine too, a hundred quid, that'll hurt.
This always bugs me, most phones come with a handsfree lead in the fucking box, if you don't like it, get a bluetooth thingy.

If i can afford one, im sure an overpaid, underworked MP can. He can also afford to pull over.
These cash fines are a joke.

To some people, a £100 fine is a huge blow and will have a serious effect on their life. For people like Liam Bryne, £100 is pocket change, and will have no impact whatsoever.


Ord_Sgt said:
Huge fine too, a hundred quid, that'll hurt.
He can probably claim it on expenses anyway


Book Reviewer
Didn't Ladyman who was minister for transport have 9 points?
That 100 quid is nowt he'll claim he spent it on stamps and get it back of us
Mr Byrne, who pleaded guilty by letter, said he had been taking an important call on a deportation matter but there was no excuse and he was remorseful.
Isn't it time they stopped this bolleax of "feeling remorseful" (remorseful
adj. regretful, sorrowful, characterized by feelings of guilt) in order to get a lighter sentence - Byrne is a politician, a breed that tends to be a stranger to the truth imho - I doubt that he knows the meaning or remorse.
I'm sure that his fine will be reimbursed by HMG.This follows hard on the heels of the head of ACPO 'Traffic Policing',some Welsh sounding guy,who was caught speeding near Chirk on the A5,apparently.The present people at the top feel no need to set an example,to anyone,particularly not those they 'serve'
There are quite a few companies where this would have been an instant dismissal (breach of H&S).
Just another NuLabGov apparatchik who won't resign his position on the principle that he has no principle.
Nothing personal, but glad someone has been caught and fined.

If the Metropolitan Police want to increase their conviction rates, I suggest they observe the junction of Kimber Road and Merton Road in Southfields SW18. I pass this junction on foot at least four times per day.

Problem 1 is: nobody stops at amber.
Problem 2 is: the first two or three cars pass red.

Observation: I estimate between 30 and 40 drivers per day will be negotiating this junction, whilst holding and using a mobile phone.

This law is practically unenforceable, as will the ludicrous Livingstone's 'law' to impose a 20 m.p.h. speed limit in London.
Kimber Road is 30 m.p.h. but daily vehicles can be observed travelling at speeds (estimated by timing) in excess of 60 m.p.h.
Cash fines should be in proportion to the criminals wealth.

Instead of a £100 how about a days wage? That might start to hurt some of these overpaid cretins.

Same with court charges.

As for feelings of remorse, I'd be sorry too if I was in the dock... for getting caught. They shouldn't have any bearing on the case.

Caught driving with undue care (ie with a phone or speeding)? points, 1 month ban (al a German rules) and a fine in line with your wealth.

I personally believe that the ban is all you need to start focusing the mind.
Another case of one of our lords and masters telling us what to do and then showing us how to respect the law.
Like the police shooting one tax funded dept pays another tax funded dept with my money.
By the way Boy syrup and Chimera he won't have to lie about his postage, MPs can claim something like £250 on expenses without a receipt!
I saw a student sacked on the spot for a £7 pound ''error''.
Shoot them all.
Liam Byrne is a disgusting professional politician, not smart enough to be a good civil servant, too weaselly to really stand up on issues - check his voting record sometime, he is a "Yesman" of the first water!
Somebody who calls motorists who break the rules "serial killers", sits on a Parliamentary committee to increase penalties for the use of mobile phones and calls for higher penalties for motorists AND THEN goes and does something like this should resign immediately.
Shame politicians have no principals any more.
Mind you, if every politician caught with their nose in the trough or trying to use their position to gain benefit resigned, we'd be having elections every other week.
No wonder a recent check found that most of them were unemployable when they lost their seats.
Tasering on the spot is the answer cheap effective and instant could also be employed on errant gits on bicycles.
I wouldn't call most of them cyclists like most be who drive are not really motorists.
equip cctv camera's with tasers link up to a secure server issue a strict ROE and charge punters £5 and hour to dispense justice :twisted:
be a git in public get tasered


Book Reviewer
Doesn't bode well for society does it? When the so-called great and good spout off about our moral obligations and the penalties for failing to observe them, and then make bullsh!t excuses for failing to honour them themselves.

Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime eh?

Let's deal with the first one: Tough of crime - scumbags in prison being let out early a: because the gobment won't spend on prisons, and b: because prison is not very nice, and so they should be let out before Christmas as a form of payout.

Second one: The causes of crime: Complete lack of any deterrent (see above), and a total lack of respect for authority and the law. Now, I wonder why that is?
How many of Nu Labour's senior politicians have ever had a proper job? Not many,I suspect.Some have come up in the party via 'research jobs',jobs with a local authority etc.These do not count as proper jobs.

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