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From the Daily Mail today

Daily Mail

For the next 12 months, Diane Inch will be preaching the gospel of healthy eating.
But whether anyone will listen to her remains to be seen - since she herself tips the scales at 19 stone and admits to a liking for crisps and sugary drinks.

The 40-year-old Liberal Democrat councillor will also lecture children and adults in the Cheshire borough of Halton about the benefits of sporting activity, even though she is clinically obese and doesn't play any herself.

'I don't have the time to exercise,' she said as she prepared to launch her campaign yesterday. 'I just pick through the day because of my fast-track life.'
Stunning planning by the local County Council
"I dont have time" what a BS excuse.

Heres a tip, cut out the 4 hours a week stuffing said face with said crisps and try a bit of phys.

Fast track life bloody dont make me laugh, fast track to the pie shop I bet.

Mind you she may be a good advertisment..

"Kids you could look as fat and obese as me if you continue to chock out"
Induce a heart attack by threatening to take away her 'snacks'...then show people stood round how difficult it is to find a pulse or a vein in such a fat fecker......encourage them to try and lift blubber-arrse into the ambulance without putting their spinal health at risk.

I can only presume this is someone's idea of a joke in Halton Council.

Surely a "If I can lose weight and get on with getting back to fitness, so can you" would have been a far better example than , "I like Pies me" Sorry ,"'I don't have the time to exercise"

A Golden PR Opportunity , squandered.

You're a disgrace Councillor , to the Health board you sit on , to the local people you should be setting an example to, and the Party.

Strong letter to Cowley Street follows.
Our position should be to put this useless WOS up the front. I'd feel safer than behind a Chally 2. :twisted:
Need a friggin trench mortar to get the shell to clear her butt.
So lots of smoke then :wink: ....she is a Lib Dem in't is a Lib Dem council innit?....So they truly thought she was the most suitable candidate for the job based on her...................ability to inspire?, as a shining example?.....being a horror story?
I see your right it is a Labour Council...............well she is a Lib Dem; and Labour and her local leader despite all evidence to the contrary obviously felt she was better qualified for the job as does she apparently, rather than someone perhaps 'healthier'............ was that because of the local publicity opportunities for the Party do you think? :twisted:
When I read her name I could not stop laughing for someone so large surley she should be Cllr Yard, or mile :lol:
LWM, soon you will have to change your name to 'Fullstopwritingman', as there is frequently more of them in your posts than letters. :wink:
was that because of the local publicity opportunities for the Party do you think?
Could be,

Where are Ginsters based?
thank you old chap..I bought a Government surplus at one of those auctions............keyboards full of trying hard but they see inexhaustable................... :D

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