Do Apple UK still do mil discount?

Discussion in 'Forces Discounts' started by Crafty990, Aug 7, 2012.

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  1. I was told the other day that Apple UK do fantastic discounts for service leavers but the discount can only be accessed through a DII link. Has anyone else ever heard of this and if not, do they still do a general military discount? There's nothing up to date on here or anywhere else on the net and I want a shiny new laptop.
  2. I asked if they did when I bought my iPad. The Apple Shop said they don't.
  3. you can get Microsoft Office 2010 for Mac (and Windows) for £8.95 on Dii, but i've not seen any Apple hardware going cheap anywhere [ever in my life].
  4. If you go on the forces directory ( ) there is a link to the Apple Forces discount page.

    Not every thing is dicounted and there is not a lot of the normal price but every little helps.
  5. Legs yes they do I am looking at the page now
  6. pea


    just show your MOD90 in store, always worked for me

    Better option is to log onto the education site, get the sales number and give them a bell. Tell them ur buying a gift for your "insert name of relative at uni"

    Level of discount depends on the uni in question but varies from 8% - 12%. Big bonus is the 3 years apple care which come as std when the customer is a student.
  7. Or you could go on the site linked in the post before yours and get the MOD discount without having to lie about it being a gift.
  8. pea


    If you wanted approx 2-3% over 8-12% you could do yes.
  9. You could also look up the word Fraud!.
  10. I got 10% off my iMac via rewards for forces and MS Office for Mac for £8.95 via the Dii thing.
  11. Ive just contacted apple, they offer 10% discount to armed forces through there tele sales team only.
  12. Go into the shop and ask, that's how I got mine, it differs depending on what you buy, well so they told me I don't care I didn't have to pay full price!