Do Animals have a sense of humour ?

I always wondered if they see the funny side of things and do they have banter with each other ?
I believe that there are some chimps doing stand-up routines. Especially in and around the Merseyside area.

Does this help?


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My boyfriends step-dad knows his dog has a sense of humour as she pissed on the carpet upstairs and managed to make the piss into a cock shape and clearly did it on purpose. I'm not so sure how he got to the conclusion she could piss in an artistic fashion but in his head she could and he didn't speak to her for days.
Go on - the vid of Pip and Zeus and tissues.

My dog takes the piss all the time.
Cats and dogs can be very playful. Mischevious even. Cats seem to know they are annoying you by taking eg in my case pens and other stationary you are using from the table/desk. I raised two kittens to be playful and can even play 'football' with one of them. It seems to bring them happiness anyway. Not sure if thats humour or not. Close?
do this cat not mind being kicked like a football then???
My dog does. She even smiles :-D
Both my dogs smile,this causes them to sneeze,the more we laugh the more they sneeze,they both have fun playing tag and pulling on their toys......
Of course they do...




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They don't have much of one when you try to shag them.


My dog frequently runs to the back door with a sense of urgency and purpose about him. I open the door and he goes out, where he stands vaguely sniffing the air and staring into space. After a couple of minutes he runs back in and curls one down in the front room. The only explanation I can find for this behaviour is his well developed sense of humour.
Polar bears certainly do. Tell them you're on a gap year and they leave a dirty great gap in your abdomen.

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