Do Americans Care about British?-Michael Yon

Simply a great article, and it makes you very humble to read of so much effort being put in by so many people to save one strangers life...there could be room for a british equivalnet to Soldier's Angels, seems like a good group...
Great article, thank you USA. :clap:


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I have taken the p!ss out of the Americans (Septics) over the years, and probably will again :D

However, I do have a genuine respect for them and what they can do when they put their minds to it.

This is one case where a huge thank you is well in order.



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Bit dusty in here. I'm having trouble reading the article.
Good on yer, Yanks.


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Well done the USA medical teams

However the cynic in me can't help feeling that this is exactly what Brown and Ainsworth want to see published to reinforce the "We're a coalition we don't need loads of kit" excuses they use when disscussing AFG
It also proves that our shite Government are once again lieing there arrses off, if our troops are getting the best, then why do we need people like these wonderful angels to save lives,
The Ministry of Propaganda don't want the public to know the truth, Again
The Yanks can be a right PITA at times to work with, but it's at times like this you just have to love them for their unbridled generousity and the way they will always step up for us.
I banter the yanks as much as the next guy, but this just shows their real character and humanity, a truly generous people.
I am impressed, this is what we should be reading in the press. Well done Yanks and thnk you forr the support.
JP47 said:
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taken from the article.

I cannot operate in the war without your support. If support does not substantially increase, I will be forced to abandon war reporting in September. There has seldom been much interest in the Afghanistan war. True interest has been starkly reflected in the support for this mission. Each journey into Afghanistan, since 2006, has bled out resources from my operations. Reporting from Afghanistan is not sustainable at this rate.

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Two emotions. The one that got me misty eyes was the thought of him on the hard ground in the heat and dust with some very concerned mates around him as he lay dying. The second was awe at this staggeringly huge logistical hand that reached out across the globe and cradled him back to his family.
What a tremendous boost for morale to see how much of an effort is made.
The generosity of the Septics is legendary; that a humble soldier can but dream of a descent Christian burial and yet have the world’s mightiest nation bend its will to alter what must have been his fate. It may still be his fate but thanks to the Americans not yet and not then.
Look on your works Gordon Brown and despair.
Bless you Michael Yon. The wandering witness.
Michael Yon just seems to have the real knack of pitching every story absolutely right. I truly believe he should get some sort of award/gong for his marvellous reporting.

I'm so glad that your man's on the mend. It certainly wouldn't have happened without the Septics. I know we tend to slag them off a bit now and again, but the fellas really have got their shite together and know how to make things happen. Loadsa grit flying around my desk again. Wonder where that's come from.

Apart from this NHS debacle that their having, I think, what with their now superior COIN knoweldge, the support they get from both public and politicans, and the sheer strength of their forces, I think they've surpassed us - no longer are we 'pound for pound' better than them. That's probably an unpopular view, but it's one i've been arriving at for a long time. Shame, really.

BZ to all the US personel who's efforts meant that that Squaddie survived.
Not a penny wasted in my eyes!

I have a sceptic sapper friend and he really does believe all stops will be pulled out if one of his boys or indeed him got hit.

I must admit, when I was in, I liked to believe the same but wasn't always so sure.

Don't get me wrong I am not blaming the people who make it work in the services, but the cnuts in the Government!

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