Do all roles in the Army require SC clearance?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ABewes, Mar 11, 2008.

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  1. Evening,

    Just a question of interest really, but do all roles within the Army require a SC clearance, is it just a select few that require it?

    For example, does an Electronics Technician require it?
    And what about Infantry?

    I'm just a little concerned that if I have trouble gaining the clearance for my primary job role, that I would be buggered, unless I can secure another role of interest.


  2. Why would you assume you will have problems with SC. If you are a communist or career criminal maybe it is not the job for you!
  3. I don't know how picky they are when it comes to motoring convictions.

    I was disqual for 18 months + driving without due care, etc, etc 2 years ago.
  4. Persec = Personal Security?

    I'm mainly worried because the SC doesn't take place until Phase 1, at which point I would have to leave my well paid and cushy job. If I failed SC, I would have no job to come back to, and my Army career would be none existent, hence the need to find out before being accepted.
  5. A driving ban will have nothing to do with an SC.
  6. So you've spoken to the staff at the ACIO?
  7. Yes, and they've been marked down on the application.

    I'm dealing with a new recruiter and there should be no problems, apparently.
  8. Were you honest when you filled in your 1109?
    Have you ever been a spy?
    Have you been convicted of a violent crime?
    Have you been convicted of fraud?

    If you answer them yes, no, no, no, then what's the problem?
  9. Are you a pikey?
  10. Well, if it's as simple as that, then hopefully nothing, but I've got 4 motoring convictions (listed above). Isn't that enough to fail me?
  11. God knows about security clearance, but you may not respond well to training if you didn't take the hint and drive slower after your THIRD conviction.

    Have you considered getting a speed restrictor on your car?
  12. It's a security check, not an are you a shit driver check.
    If you've been honest with them, do you think the AFCO would have continued processing your application if they thought you were going to fail your SC?
  13. It shouldnt affect you unless you are applying for certain roles which have requirements on how many points you have on you licsense. When you choose your 1st and 2nd choice (if you havn't already) try and choose two different types of job under different cap-badges because if you fail one you dont have to go through the process again.
  14. its the simple things in life :lol: