Do all of 'them' moonlight as drivers?!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Taff_Morris, Apr 20, 2011.

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  1. In the few weeks I have been working as a civvy tanker driver I seem to of bumped into alot of people who all have served with 'them', so far have a couple who both claim they were the last through the window amongst others!

    Strange thing... I am not allowed to tell anyone else what they told me, yet they tell anyone in a 100ft radius, must be something new in the demobbing procedure!
  2. Do they know the colour of the boatsheds at 'Herford?'
  3. I can honestly say I never was one unlike your Bullshitting Buddies if everyone who said had it would be the biggest Regiment in the British Army fact is with all that training driving a Truck would be at the bottom of the list.
    And of course everyone knows they all become writers I heard you need a degree in creative writing just to make selection.

    But on a serious note these lying tossers show the up most disrespect for the Guys who served and died really doing the job that's really pisses me off.

    Questions to ask Bullshitters?
    1. whats your army number?
    2. ask them something about Hereford like what's thunderbird 2.
    3. and the obivious one oh really and your driving a truck because?
  4. The main one is a guy who actually works for the same company, my first day being there came the whole story of him being in with 'them', not to tell anyone and then spent over an hour trying to tell me stories of his time in, weirdly though, as soon as someone had mentioned to him that I was in the RE he hasnt been coming to bother me with any more stories!

    Last I heard though he was getting calls off of Tina Turner, Kylie and a few others to come give close protection when in the UK yet still drives a truck!
  5. Has he killed anyone yet with a hammer?
  6. What's more to the point is he a nice bloke who keeps himself to himself?
  7. I assume that they must be retarded in some way after all their are a serious amount of ex army who now drive trucks I'm one and I have a mate Carl built like a Brick outhouse ex 3para who I know would love to meet these guys in some nice quite truck stop for chat about the good old days.
    Carl's brother was in 22 KIA he's takes it very personal probably why I do too.

    Next time you see them ask them I they knew a guy called Steve Mitchell nickname Billy.

    If they say they did ask them what he's doing now.
  8. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Probably still bullshitting I expect...
  9. Yeah and making lots of money doing it.
  10. Lends a tenner?
  11. don't think he means they are Peter Sutcliffe
  12. Not if your "Falklands Conversation" is anything to go by.
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  13. Is he the skinny geeky twat in Eastenders?

    PS. Billy, your creativity for dull threads, is it a gift or have you worked hard on it on other interesting websites?
  14. I take it persec is not one of your strong points. This has been done to death in previous posts in previous years. Welcome to ARRSE by the way.
  15. Ahhhh they may be confusing the "them" with the other "them" ie 406 Mobile Bath and Laundry Unit. Its an easy mistake to make................