Do all Irish based regiments carry a blackthorn stick?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Scotland1990, Dec 18, 2011.

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  1. Mate is joining TA medical unit(as officer) 253 medical in Northern Ireland. Does he need a blackthorn stick? Thought it was only Royal Irish?

    Any all knowing people know?
  2. 253 certainly used to carry a blackthorn, but that was only because a certain CO carried one and if he did then everyone else had to as well. Whether or not they still do I don't know. Why not call in and ask?

    Or better still your mate could call in and ask.
  3. Yes, history has taught us not to give them rifles!
  4. From memory
    Royal Irish Regiment ,London Irish Rifles ,Irish Guards officers all carry Blackthorns.
    and the North Irish Horse sqn of the QOY (I think its a shorter version but may be wrong)
    Maybe just check with the unit or wait until he joins the sqn ?
    Nobody is going to shun him for not owning one when he turns up as a transferee....
  5. Someone in my ken was once in an 'Irish' Battery (in fact, it might even have been called Irish Battery?) in the Gunners and he pretty soon was to be seen sporting black brogues and a Blackthorn in Barrack Dress!
  6. Riding crop length of course, not the walking stick version.
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  7. 5 Regt AAC officers used to carry them for the same reason Ulster Rifleman gave.
  8. Thats the case again, I believe senior officers all have to carry blackthorns again, tho not sure if it's only swaggers or full length