do 148 recruit from reservists?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by HappyLarry, Nov 6, 2011.

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  1. do 148 take TA applicants for selection?
    I know 4/73 does, but what about 148?
  2. Of course not. They're a professional unit with standards........high ones.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Ignore the tired, old has-been:

    "The STA Patrol course is open to any member of the British Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and Royal Marines. We also encourage members of the TA, RNR and the RMR."

    Search for '4/73' on armynet
  4. Msr have you ever applied?
  5. They don't have reservists like 4/73 has the HAC

    Iirc allot of 29 go towards 148 - though as the poster said above, it may be all-arms like 5Reg

    Note that HAC go on FTRS or deployment with 4/73. Besides that there is only a loose affiliation.

    Rubber Daggers is your best bet to get an FTRS with 148 I suppose? (unless there is a TA RA commando unit? I think there was but not sure where the recent cut-backs leave you)
  6. Read his opening post you myopic piss flap. He's on about 148.
  7. At least one HAC soldier deployed with 148 on their last trip to Afghanistan. There did used to be a TA NGFO troop (based in Bournemouth IIRC) but it was cut in the 90s.

    Oh and MSR - stick with computer advice, something about which you have some knowledge.
  8. And knowledge of being a shite officer in the TA, a shite husband and very shite at being slim.
  9. Good to hear Bailey ;)

    Those HAC chaps get bloody everywhere it seems
  10. thanks for the replies which I'm reading as: No.
    This means then that 148 selection is not open to TA, although there is a TA RA cdo, 266 (GVA) Battery. Our Batteries - British Army Website
    They are in Bristol which is way way too far for me.

    Does 148 run selection as such, like two times a year or something?
  11. Correct he (HAC chap) was at the medals parade with 148 at the Citadel on Tuesday.
  12. There was a TA Naval Gunfire Support Major on a mobilisation course at RTMC in May 2002.
  13. NGLOs, as opposed to the FSTs are solely drawn from the TA; the majority of them are old and bold Gunner Officers being comfy in a ship as opposed to living in a ditch ashore. They do do AACC and BPC though.
  14. Sorry but NGLOs do not necessarily do either AACC or BPC - they may have done in prior service but are mostly far too Old and Bold for suchlike.
  15. I've met most of the NGLOs, all had a Green Lid and Wings. Nearly all of them did it when in service (often a Gap Year Commission), but 2 of them did it when they joined the TA. I wouldn't say it was a guaranteed way to get either as an Officer, but the niche capability does exist.