Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by annakey, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. I wrote this for another thread where some racists were posting, but I think a mod deleted them before I pressed the button. How should DNA-Hysterics be dealt with?

    Me too! My parents' generation faced nine divisions of heavily armed Germans massing twenty miles away, complete with invasion barges, fifth columnists dropping into Kent hop fields, Lord Haw Haw on the wireless, a ruling class penetrated by fascism (complete with supporting newspapers such as the Daily Mail) and a diet of spam and nettle soup.

    Given the current Islamo-hysteria, and the minuscule size of the threat, it's reasonable to ask: why the hysteria?

    Some people are just naturally hysterical. They need calming down with a nice cup of tea. Others seek to provoke conflict between Muslims and alleged ethnic Brits. The same happened in the 1930s over East End Jews. Then in the 1960/70s over Afro-Caribbeans. When I lived on the Mile End Road I remember disgusting racists beating up tiny little Pakistani men who never hurt a fly. It may happen again over the current crop of Poles.

    What to do about the race-haters, buffoons who hate people based on a DNA swab? Prosecute them vigorously. Root them out if they have power in any organisation. Laugh at them on bulletin boards. Remind normal people of British stoicism in the 1940s. OK, Muslim terrorists need catching. But look at these pics. Think of the 1940s threat. It puts in context a few silly Muslim boys mixing peroxide…



  2. Have you seen the current crop of Poles? They all look like Ivan Drago. Can't really see Wayne Scrote having a go.
  3. I hope for yours and all our sakes, that a dirty bomb or some such never happens. I would hate to say "I told you so".
    It would be too late then though would it not, and you would vanish in the "hysteria".
  4. A few Silly Muslim Boys?

    How about several thousand "Silly" Muslim boys trained as Terrorists and just itching for an opportunity to strike.

    I just hope they are sitting on a train next to you the next time they decide to get "Silly"
  5. Ex.act.ly. It's the main reason Mr Scrote never comes to Brixton. The local boys would hang him from Lambeth town hall clock. He's a coward so he picks on little Muslims.
  6. I don't give a hoot about someone's A G C T coding.

    Its their religious and political beliefs that I'm more concerned about - particularly where one strays into the other, bringing irrationality and fervour.
  7. To the hole with this sh1te
  8. I agree. A dirty bomb would be a very bad thing indeed. All power to security service elbows to prevent it. But it's a vague threat, possibly something dreamed up by our lords and masters to scare us. Like the 45 minute warning. Or Sadam buying uranium in Africa. Or WMD generally.

    The nine divisions of heavily armed Germans massing twenty miles away were real. Spot the difference? :lol:
  9. What's your problem sir? Why should ARSSE ears be covered? Kindly explain why current Muslim/DNA hysteria shouldn't be discussed. Ta.