DNA Database via the back door

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stabradop, Sep 9, 2009.

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  1. Hmm, a relative got a letter today from a company called Biobank. The letter (which I have sanitised) and the accompanying leaflet is below

    Rather disturbing really as it seems that they are trying to use the NHS to gather DNA evidence, the bit on page 6 of the leaflet is rather sinister

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  2. The leaflet

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  3. Anyone else had anything like this?
  4. No, but I now have a sore neck!
  5. :lol: sorry mate
  6. It's funny you should mention it, but I had exactly the same letter and stuff about a year ago. I never replied to the letter and I also didn't attend the appointment.

    About two weeks after, I got a phone call from some fella asking why I didn't attend. I told him it was because I'd died in the meantime and when he persisted, I told him to, er, go away, only a shade more "Anglo-Saxon".

    I wouldn't trust anything like this, personally.

  7. Neither do I, needless to say an email was sent to the press.....
  8. That "company" is a charity set up to do a long term study of the health of the UK. If you had read the leaflet and visited the website http://www.ukbiobank.ac.uk/faqs.php you would know that.

    Hardly a Backdoor DNA database is it. :roll:
  9. Is it this lot?


    Doesn't appear to be an attempt to make a DNA database of a small number of people, as usual the security of information is always a problem and what commercial decisions the info can lead to.

    edit due to Merlot infusion
  10. I did do both, but to my mind its the thin end of the wedge. If you look at Bugsy's post above - if he got a letter about a year ago then that is a bit suspect - if they only wanted half a million people I am sure that would have been done by now.
  11. Not exactly a national DNA database by the backdoor.

    There are plenty of research projects of a similar manner, that seek to monitor the health of a large number of individuals and compare any notable events (cancer, heart attacks etc) to their DNA sequence, whilst linking it back to their medical records to discover hidden trends

    It's called longitudinal research, and is the new buzzword in medical epidemiology.

    A great example of a study already up and running is 'Scottish Health'

    Nothing scary mate, honest...
  12. **puts extra roll of tinfoil on shopping list** :lol:

    With any other govt I have known this wouldn't worry me - but with this lot it just makes me suspicious
  13. If it was a government run scheme it would have been really screwed up by now. I really must check on my tinfoil shares.

  14. There's another aspect to this that only revealed itself subsequently, Stabadrop.

    About six months ago, I received a package with instructions to send them six samples of shite (bear with me on this, it's all true) to check, ostensibly, for cancer of the lower bowel. I was also supposed to send back these shite samples by mail. The covering letter assured me that everything was completely anonymous, but when I didn't comply, they still sent me two follow-up letters asking why.

    Anonymous my arse!

    I just don't trust 'em, that's all.

  15. when I saw the thread title I thought they had taken a DNA sample from your arrse.