DMS20 - Who's for the chop?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Judge Judy, Nov 15, 2012.

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  1. Project is complete, presentations have been presented and those that are in the know are in the know. So who's going to bear the brunt of it? My money's on:

    RADC - across the board, if ever there was a capability thaht could be easily outsourced this has to be it.
    Clin Phys. I've had many a chat with Clin Phys and whilst they're good guys, I could never really see the point of having them in uniform. Clin Phys is not the first thing you would yell for in an acute situation and why have them in SHC when we have the NHS..

    Any other offers?
  2. HCA - Why have someone to do a job nurses can't be arsed doing?
    Dog Handlers - Outsource to regiments, people like walking dogs
    Vets/Techs - Can be outsourced
    BMS - Shit load of Sgts. Gibs gone, Akrotiri is gone, With Herrick 'drawing down' in 2014 can be outsourced
    Pharmacists/Pharm techs - Can be outsourced
    EHT - Can be outsourced
    CMT's - with everyone else going, the largest group of people in the RAMC is likely to take a hit.

    Then when America decides to invade someone else, we are going to be fucked when asked to join in, but as long as it save money in the short term does it really matter.
  3. Phew! looks like I'm safe, shall I stop packing?
  4. Damn it, forgot about x-ray, yeah they can join the draw down list, outsource.
  5. How about consulatants?

    They get paid wads of cash, and only do 6 week tours anyway. Outsource to the NHS, and hope the RAF don't break down when you need that badly injured patient to have specialist care.

    As for x-ray, don't 'combat' x-ray technicians carry their portable x-ray machines across the battlefield? ;)
  6. Oh dear..................another one who doesn't realise that half the Consultants (spelt correctly) are PART of the NHS!!!!
  7. To save same money and thus reduce redundancies why not put the MODO's in non clinical roles on to normal officer rates of pay?
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  8. Here's a thought that will save money on a regular basis, but more importantly, might save some poor ******'s life - why not take on tour only those TA bods who are actually QUALIFIED for the pid that needs filling, not just some random who happens to be a little bit fitter?

    And I don't mean qualified as in 'has done a TA CMT course, backed up by a bridging course', I mean people that do the job day in, day out..........
  9. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Perhaps keep MOs and DOs in clinical roles rather than redeploy to command/staff type roles for which they have little training.

    Or at least that was what happened in my day.

    Ah, I see you've reached Major as you've been in 7 years, we'd like to encourage you to stay in, you'd like to command a Field Ambulance Squadron, even though no subunit command experience, of course you can.
  10. There has been some really good MODO's in command but if thats their ambition they should not expect the MODO rate of pay. There has also been some shockers!
  11. Give it a rest and dry your eyes..... TA CMT 1s who've done the course and whatever PDT they need ARE qualified according to the medical doctrine we use and routinely save 'some poor ******'s life'. Unless you know better of course? I'm sure the Surgeon General would love to hear your views.....
  12. Give it a rest and dry your eyes..... You're just sounding chippy now. TA CMT 1s who've done the course and whatever PDT they need ARE qualified according to the medical doctrine we use and routinely save 'some poor ******'s life'. Unless you know better of course? I'm sure the Surgeon General would love to hear your views.....
  13. Bit late on this aren't you?

    But my point still stands. I think roles in the reserves need to be more closely aligned with the reservists civilian job, wherever possible, regardless of rank.

    Would you be just as quick to say that a reserve infantry soldier, after PDT, would be just as capable as the regular guy that does it full time?

    You do come across as one of those nursing officers who do a ward or community job in real life, but like to put themselves into emergency medicine whilst in green, using their rank to weasel their way in.

    I might be wrong, but sadly that's another avenue that gets exploited and is also what I was referring to in the post you quoted......
  14. I would be quite interested to know quite how you think those two, quite conflicting statements, correlate.

    You have not been on OPs recently have you?
  15. I dont know when you last deployed but the last time I did we had some amazing people doing the job they were meant to do. Ward nurses and HCA's with great skills and experience.ITU specialist staff. Radiographers working a vast array of equipment. Lab techs with turn around times I would kill for back here in the NHS. A&E staff who saved lives on a daily basis, skilled and caring. CMT's working both in Bastion and the FOB's who were so good outsiders thought they were more qualified than they were. Even psych people who helped an enormous ammount with support and care right up to the pointy bit.

    Oh yeah we all were reservists as well. So go away!