DMS Nursing pay!

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by RAF_Nurse!, Feb 16, 2006.

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  1. so by 2010 we should be sorted out then....
  2. Just seen the SG and his teams response. No surprises there I'm afraid, if only nurses were as useful as Doctors!! Lets wake up, there are shortages across the whole of nursing as there are for medicine but our medical collegues have been far more robust in their approach using all ther big guns to make the case! We need to look at our retrention in line with real career pathways and then recruitment in that order too!!! Interestingly the AFPRB slated the lack of drive for this whole issue by the MOD and brought forward this project as they recognised the urgency of the matter unlike DMSD.

    Is there a lack of drive by senior DMS nurses or are people oblivious to the effects this will have on DMS nurses not only in the short term but the long term as well? I believe it almost smacks of the old adage a "jack attitude" ask a matelot if you don't understand!!
  3. I've just read something that stated there would be a review in 2008 of Nurses and AHPs pay and packages :roll: about too little, too late :evil:

    Some previous posters have hit the nail on the head, we are run by Doctors, who look after Doctors and the rest come a poor second. The Nurses seem to be getting there as far as representation and being listened to but us AHPs are ignored, ridiculed and treated with pure contempt......fine I say but what will you do when there are none left :? Rely on the TA for AHPs :lol: Get a life :roll:

    However out of the mass of dross in the TA, there are some very good medics etc..
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    I feel really bad now...................................
  5. shut it copper!! :wink: :D
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    Save it for the tape, you slag.
  7. What about all the DENTAL Nurses and their pay come guys we do have Dental NURSES in the RADC 8)
  8. have you seen them recently???
  9. deleted
  10. The pay review body has told the MOD to come up with proposals to deal with the shortages of nurses and AHPs by the time the next report is published in 2007. See sections 3 and 4 (Nurses and AHPs) in the attached report:
  11. I'm not sure dental nurses are included...after all, they are not real nurses!
  12. You've given me a little bit of confidence that something may be happening at long last......too late for me but not for the others I leave behind. The comments I made still stand, this isn't my own feelings but from about 80-90% of the rest of my cadre......commissioned officers too 8O
  13. YES they are - especially those that are MALE :twisted: call me Shirley on a Friday and I was .................. :wink:
  14. So is this review going to change the Common Terms of Service and the lenght of time to be served in each rank?