DMS Boots, where can I get a pair???

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by tankie1rtr, Jul 2, 2012.

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  1. Hi all.
    First of all if I have posted in the wrong section,please forgive me as I am a newbie to the forum, I am 59yrs old ex 1RTR and I have joined the Yorkshire Volunteers Regimental Band (They were a TA band to the Yorkshire Reg but were disbanded with the cut backs, but were given permission to carry on as a civvy band) We do a lot of shows like Armed Forces Day, and Charity Shows for Injured Soldiers..... I am trying to find a pair of size 9 DMS Boots, I already have bulled Ammo boots, but sometimes we play in Halls with wooden polished flooring so hobbies are not permitted, I have tried flebay but cannot find any, has anybody any idea where I can try,

    Thank You :)
  2. Dont mean to be insulting but try cadet direct. Or this tribe or what ever rv ops the affiliated shop was.
  3. The Band became civilian long before the Yorkshire Regiment came into being, The Yorkshire Volunteers being a TA Regiment. Technically, I was on the Band's roll for 2 months, though I never met them.

    Silvermans do new replicas for £50 a pair but you may find cheaper (original) pairs gathering dust at the back of the stock room in surplus shops. You'd need to ring around as I can't imagine that they'd have them on display.

    You can't have mine. I have plans for them.
  4. HHH

    HHH LE

  5. Gentlemen.
    Thank you for all your kind replies, I am sure that I will find a pair from the places you have recommended. just a pity that you cant fit rubber soles to ammo boots.

    Best Wishes.
  6. I,d flog you my old best boots, but they are still bulled up in case of general mobilisation, gotta .make a good impression dont y'know
  7. You (or a cobbler) can fit the Itshide Commando rubber soles to Ammo boots.
  8. We could dig my dad up! 9 medium do?
  9. Indeed, but ask for "Commando through-sole and heel". My dad used to fit these to my hiking boots when I was a kid.
  10. You don't want any naval DMS that's for sure - comfyest things in the world after 6 months at sea but shit for anything other than protecting ya toes.

  11. Bottom of the page.

  12. You could have mine except they are in a glass cabinet along with a yellow handbag,10 deutsche mark, an SLR, 20 Regal, some Sun tan lotion and an 80's nbc suit.

    On the front it says - "In case of emergency break glass to release Gongless, bare chested cold war warrior"

    Oh and the boots are size 12
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