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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Apollonia, May 14, 2004.

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  1. The results of the DMS attitude survey 2004 have been posted on the DMS website. I had a quick look at it today - disappointing to see only 46% of the AMS bothered to return the survey. Does this mean that the majority are happy... or that they think no-one will take any notice of their views?
    While arrse is good at what it does - allow people to rant and rave informally (!) - top brass are more likely to act on results of 'scientifically' gathered facts and figures. BTW, the group that returned the least number of replies (as a % of total possible replies) was SNCO/WO. If people have views on the abysmal state of the AMS as seems to be the case reading this forum, the least they can do is make their views known officially when given the chance to do so!
    Thanks, I feel better now!

    Yes, of course I sent mine back, complete with 'attach extra sheet of paper if necessary'.!
  2. I agree. It's always an opportunity to get the higher echelons thinking of ever more complex ways of explaining the results.

    I was particularly pleased with the way they explained how so many of us not getting our full annual leave allowance was a good thing.
  3. I must be a good girl cause I sent mine back.

    Don't think it made good reading for the powers though :oops:
  4. Ficking glad you got one because as a said SNCO/WO I did not get one to express my displeasure at the state of the AMS!

    Conspiracy to shut us up? Could be?

    Tried to get one sent to me but the bloody link on the Intraweb didn't work :?

    So be careful to slate us SNCOs/WOs please :roll:
  5. They probably lost the other 54%. Everyone in my unit sent them twice because the first time they claimed that they had recieved none at all back!!!!!

    Perhaps the first lot were too bad so they thought they'd bin them hoping that the second versions would be slightly less damning :twisted:
  6. What DMS survey?
    When were the forms sent out because I never recieved one, although I'm on the strength of AMS.
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Communication- The scourge of the AMS!
  8. Not sure if everyone in the DMS is sent an attitude survey. My understanding is that a representative cohort from each CEG is targetted.

    I may be wrong, but it's a possible explanation for those individuals that didn't receive said survey (of course there is also the vagaries of the postal system).
  9. Ahhh, right. So it's not the possible fault of the DMS, but the possible incompetance of the posties!! So, someone else's fault then!!
  10. Still we have ARRSE to voice our opinions and Neanderthal to give us some answers.

    Keep up the info Neanderthal cause you give me more info than this dump of a unit :roll:
  11. you mean unit admin being shite and unhelpful????? never!!

  12. There is always that. Well pointed out !
    Neanderthal. . . . . thank you.