DMICP - wot a load of ARRSE

Am I the only one to find all this DMICP malarkey completely incomprehensible?

Today I got an email with a 63-page explanatory (?) document and an Excel-based questionnaire that I'm supposed to fill in before 'roll-out'. But how the fcuk am I supposed to fill it in when I don't understand a bloody word of it?

I 'ppreciate all you PHC types will probably be able to chuckle away at my expense 'cos DMICP seems to be little more than EMIS on steroids, but is there anyone else out there as bemused, perplexed and pessimistic as I am?
after over 4 years the thread is resurrected!!!
Finishing NPfIT off then rolling out EMISWeb me thinks :) all the best - I bet 2012 will be a fantastic year for EMIS

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