dmi promotion to lance jack

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by luvs2spooge, Mar 24, 2013.

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  1. is it possible to go from private to lance jack on a dmi course? or is it from lance jack and upwards? if it is possible does anybody have any information they can share?
  2. True heroes choose an accelerated promotion trade.
  3. Oops- mis-read it as dim! Or maybe not.
  4. Take it you mean driver maintenance instructor ( warrior etc) but you have to a LCPL to go on course which would qualify you to LSGT ( CPL of your a chippy) but back door route best getting your arse up Brecon

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  5. you could also be granted a local rank for the duration of the course..
    just dont get used to the said rank as it is only pretend forthe course..
  6. He couldn't use the qual back in his unit, thus the course will probably have a flat ban on 'locally promotees' attending.
  7. keeping my mouth shut now.. ;]
  8. If you got on you got on mate, but I notice your service may have preceded such measures.