Well it was only a matter of time before he was bought in for questioning.
Dave Lee Travis


Just to state the obvious: Dave Lee Travis is not guilty of anything other than being a horrendous DJ unless and until he is convicted in a court of law. Keep this firmly in mind when posting in this thread.
If he is found guilty, I hope the judge includes a 'quack, quack, oops' before sentencing.
Pretty thin stuff. Was it even an offence to touch a girl's thigh? I'm sure it is now of course, unless you have a consent form witnessed by three social workers and a gay vicar.

There is no suggestion that any allegations of paedophilia have been made against Mr Travis, but two women have come forward in recent weeks claiming he groped them during the 1970s and 1980s
seemed more appropriate on this thread


DLT was known as the "hairy cornflake", I am trying and failing to write a witty post about the hairy cornflake having his hairy arse slapped by a huge tatooed crim in the showers.
I always liked the on air persona of DLT when he was with the Beeb. He was/is a more than keen amateur photographer who I believe stepped over into doing professional photography assignments. His Lahndun motor for a while was a clapped out Marina (I believe) with a dustbin on top as a faux turret complete with a pretend MG sticking out, the motor being protected by old tyres hung around it like they do on boats. And his Mrs was a cracker, Swedish I vaguely recall.

I did some CP for a couple of Radio 1 DJ's years ago, not DLT I hasten to add, but I would not have put them in the hetero category.
Well it was only a matter of time before he was bought in for questioning.
Do these busybodies have no respect for other peoples childhood memories. They have absolutely no consideration whatsoever, destroying them one by one. They trample all over Jimmy Savile`s grave, ruin any pleasure watching videos of Top of the Pops & Jim`ll fix it & spoil any fun & enjoyment having a laugh at old Gary Glitter music videos.

So much for reminiscing in old age. There`ll soon be nothing left to hold on to. Shattered dreams & a jaded, disillusioned, cynical old age & death is all we will have to look forward to soon.

The Swines.
I would hazard a guess that every poor bastard who ever hosted or co hosted Top of the Pops (The MUST watch programme of the 70's) is going to get his collar felt at some stage as the BBC, and all those manning her, are sucked into the vortex that is Op Yewtree.

No doubt a few of my childhood memories are going to be given a serious dose of revisionism
Verily Jimmy of Savile is just the gift that keeps giving. Guilty or not, another veteran 'celeb' will never work again through the power of mob justice. All the time it's claiming politicos and meeja types like Rantzen and Starr I'm really struggling to maintain any levels of outrage at all.

This isn't Savilegate, it's Savilnacht.
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