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DLO IS now D E & S

Discussion in 'RLC' started by kayak8889, Apr 19, 2007.

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  2. Apparently this was authorised when DLO realised there was an excess in last years stationary budget. Paper/coasters/mugs etc changed problem solved. Snazzy new logo though, bit like a guitar plectrum.

    Check on EBay for all those old DLO coffee mugs "as used by SF!"

    Any guesses on next years anagram?
  3. Actually this was the 2nd April's name change - so a bit behind the times.

    Also not just a simple name change for DLO. Now incorporates a merged DLO, DPA and DCSA to name but a few. Only about 40% of the defence budget to look after so still small fry...
  4. Well if the Internet/I.T. Nanny Police spent less time killing off ebay and other "normal" sites, they would notice that the not-so-uptodate screen saver still has DLO written all over it!!