DLO IS now D E & S

Apparently this was authorised when DLO realised there was an excess in last years stationary budget. Paper/coasters/mugs etc changed problem solved. Snazzy new logo though, bit like a guitar plectrum.

Check on EBay for all those old DLO coffee mugs "as used by SF!"

Any guesses on next years anagram?
Actually this was the 2nd April's name change - so a bit behind the times.

Also not just a simple name change for DLO. Now incorporates a merged DLO, DPA and DCSA to name but a few. Only about 40% of the defence budget to look after so still small fry...
Well if the Internet/I.T. Nanny Police spent less time killing off ebay and other "normal" sites, they would notice that the not-so-uptodate screen saver still has DLO written all over it!!

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