DL Dvd+R Burning Problems

Hello All, I would be grateful if anyone could enlighten me as to the best software to use to burn a double layer dvd, so far I have ruined five, all stopping at different levels of burn.

I am burning an ISO (6 Gbs) and using Power ISO v3.7, I also tried Cheetah Dvd Burner v2.35. I am at the moment downloading Sonic RecordNow Deluxe Suite v7.0.

Open to suggestions :)

I have Nero Ultimate. I haven't tried it but it should burn dual layer DVDs.
Yes, Nero I have had and binned :), but I would be grateful if someone has used a programme to burn DL Dvds to good effect, I am trying to figure out if it is the programmes I am using or the hardware.



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The Sailor said:
Yes, Nero I have had and binned :), but I would be grateful if someone has used a programme to burn DL Dvds to good effect, I am trying to figure out if it is the programmes I am using or the hardware.

well, what hardware are you using then? at the pain of pointing out the obvious, are you using a DL burning capable drive?
;-), Yes, checked that before I bought the disks. I had wondered if using the puter at the same time may have been a problem so after the first disaster I left the puter alone but same thing happened. What I am getting is different amounts of burning time before dropout, no hangups just an info screen and disc eject.

What brand of DL discs are you using? I was using non-branded ones that refused to work no matter what speed i burned at. I did find memorex worked fine for me, but didnt with my brothers drive. It seems that the build quality of the discs is rubbish and very much a case of finding the brand that works for you. As such i dont use the things, i just burn 2 dvds if its data or compress it to 1 if its a movie.
Never seen the brand before but its Infiniti Pro, bought them at the local computer shop, 25 for £30 :-(
I think those are the ones i had, by non brand i meant generic/small company. Here is a 25 pack of philips for £20, but P&P is about £10 with that company, but can always stock up.

Also id shop around for your pc stuff.I found that 25pck of Infiniti for £13 on eBuyer.com. I expect small shops to be more expensive, i prefer to use them, but more than double 8O
DVD/CD burning is often fraught with problems. Many DVD drives can be very particular about the brand of media they use and lots of things running on the computer can interrupt long DVD/CD writes.

For example, parts of the computer going into sleep mode during the writing process or anti-virus deciding to do an automatic update or scan of the system can turn your DVD into a coaster.

Things I tend to do when writing a large disk is, restart the computer and do the burn without loading up any other software; use a particular brand of DVD media and write at a speed I know will work on my system and always verify the disk after writing.

I mainly use Nero software.
Gents, thank you for your input, this afternoon, after the first error I spent the rest of the time till now trawling the internet looking for a solution, a few minutes ago I had success in burning a disc. I downloaded a copy of CopyToDvd and installed it, I mistakenly clicked on the ISO file and CopyToDvd automatically burned it!! So a success in error :), again thanks for your input.



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I use Inifiniti single layer dvd's or Hewlett Packard - I get excellent results with both. If Infiniti discs are working for you stick with them, I say.
One thing to bear in mind is often cheap, unbranded DVD media oxidise after a few years and become unreadable, so no good for long term back-ups.
This maybe a mong question but, i borrowed a mates portable harddrive and he had a few films on it from DVD. Football Factory, Band of Brothers etc. I was wondering whats the best way of getting my DVD collection onto a portable drive to take to HERRICK? Is it a case of just copying the contents of the DVD. I have tried this before but didnt seem to work. All the films he had, were displayed as a single Windows Media file, whereas the ones i tried were 4 different files (audio and video).
Cheers in advance
CH5120, the best way to get your dvd onto hdd is to rip them via software, there are a number of programmes available for you to rip then view them. For films you wish to watch and then delete after a while the best format is avi, you can get the dvd down to between 700/900 mb with too much loss and if you have a large hdd you should get quite a few. Pm me and I will give you a list of the software I use and if poss I will email them to you.

convertxtodvd software by vso always works for me. you can add menus, titles etc also has a preview facility

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