Djangos Bar

Discussion in 'REME' started by VMechA, May 25, 2007.

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  1. I remember doing a few stags in there late 70s, early 80s - just wondered if it was still there or anyone else remebers it, IIRC it was somewhere between Fally and Walsrode? maybe not, a bit hazy on the directions.

    I remember a right old moose behind the bar always topless and very pregnant for a while, and some Isrealy bird on stage with a snake... nearly put me off my currywurst mit frites
  2. remember it well ................ tho i was far too young and innocent at the time to participate. this being the mid 70s
    remember a donkey in there once !
  3. It's well gone I'm afraid! :x BanjoTrooper over on the 3RTR thread had is own seat in the gaff!!! :wink:
  4. Outskirts of Walsrode, don't really remember how I got there as I was always carried, however...

    72 - 74 (3RTR Fally) Django Bar, got whipped on the stage by a big African lady as my introduction to the LAD - which was nice. 83 - 87 (2RTR Fally) it was the Pink House but she was no longer there, which was sad. Hallo to everyone who remembers it and couldn't afford to get to the Reeperbahn. Or Ludwig Strasse in Hannover, or wherever it was. What was that place in Detmold? Anyone...
  5. got knocked out cold by a big glass ash tray (still got the scar) for feeling the preggy girls tits without paying,
    75-75 glory days, Is the WEE house still there? ( can see it on google earth)
    have a look at the tank ranges on google earth, impressive!
  6. Never been but last time I was in falli I think it had been renamed the pink house.

  7. Renamed the pinkhouse in the 90s. Ever use the jecuzzi, yuk.

    What was the club outside York Barracks in Munster? Oh and of course the classic "semen strasse" in Munster, oddly enough it actualy was the hooker strip.
  8. Not forgetting the nice place on the north side of stc.

    Mind you, there was a nice place just outside wetter in 1981(new years eve ish)

    Joch mate of mine just could not understand why he had to pay extra for the back room?

    happy days.
  9. Think the place in Detmold you're referring to was known as "The Old Timer" when I was there 80-81. It had other names previously; pm Detmold-Drunk, he may be able to tell you.
  10. Do you mean Pothoffs?
  11. The club was called Club 2000, not there anymore. seman strasse still going strong tho :)
  12. I may or may not have drunk in Pothoffs to the wee small hours, sticky carpets & no light in the toilet - most blokes just pished through the doorway - lol

  13. Fuck! - I remember that Sapper, do you also remember that big drag queen from Pontefract who coloured a certain yorkshireman's face with black dye from her/his flange on stage?