Django Bar, Bomlitz

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Giancarlo_Badass, Oct 18, 2007.

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  1. I had the odd occasional shandy in Django's during the mid-70's and recall some Brit performer called "Audrey" whose speciality was to start with a blow job and then, as the final result loomed, get out a whip and give the victim a good lashing! Turned out "Audrey" was an ex-Lorry Driver from Catford turned Tranny!!!!

    Anybody have any tales to tell or confessions to make?
  2. Banjotrooper has, from sometime in 76!!! :D
  3. Yes mate, in the 70's I used to go by the name of "Audrey".
  4. hallo dad.
  5. He/she/it used to paint the axe wound with a black dye - sit some unfortunate craftsman down on a chair, straddle him and sit on his face - the dye would stay purple for days on his face... so I was told :oops:
  6. Tooonitah in the Django Barrrrrrrr


    Is a schoolgirl .................... !!!!!!!

    errrrrrr ahem so I been told
  7. Funny when beer and strippers are mentioned, along comes Soprano, Pup and Roger :)
  8. Ask them about a certain Cambrai Day in Fally when the two strippers had a boxing match.... 8)
  9. This sounds truly salacious! More, More.....!
  10. They were NOT strippers - that was my wife & daughter asshole !!

    edited ONCE for being a dork.
  11. cambrai s just not what it used to be,,,
    we even had a strip show on exercise once,, in a barn,,stage was hay bails, spot lights were from a couple of fox armoured cars,,,sqms sold some beer that night...mosel valley if i remember correctly..78-80 ish.. strippers were hired from local american of those was a brit as well,great days. oc at the time was a great bloke ,, always something for the boys...