DIY Weapons of the Lybian Rebels

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by HVM_Boy, Jun 16, 2011.

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  1. They're ******* nuts!
  2. I think the AAAD one has already been seen in the African Infantryman of the Year thread...
  3. I love the wheely chair! I'll bet with a full 20 round mag and an SLR you'd be able to get a great rate of knots out of it :)
  4. Every action has an opposite, and equal, reaction. wouldn't.
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  5. Probably want a Gimpy and a polished warehouse/hangar floor for best effect.
  6. What is this weapon?

  7. The FN F2000
  8. thats a sexy looking thing there. looks like one of those things off aliens. :)
  9. Possibly, but they certainly deserve credit for effort!
  10. Without a doubt! Credit for the lack of respect for their own safety!
  11. Presumably the aircraft tocket pod is fired remotely via a looooooong cable?

    Anyway, is anyone else reminded of Cpl Jones' inventions in the film of Dad's Army?
  12. Casual Ally as ****?

  13. Nah, just get back in the cab, perfectly safe.

  14. Probably purchased from the world weapons market so it cannot be traced back to one country and gifted by some nice people to the rebels. (at night out the back of a C-130)