DIY Reclaim Bank Charges

Main high street banks could be initiating a time limit in which to reclaim your bank charges. If you haven't done so already and are thinking of reclaiming your bank charges, then this website is very useful.

Sorry, my hyperlinks aren't working. The website has templates and interest calculator and what is more, it is free!




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Its alot easier if you are with an English bank. If you bank in Scotland its a wee bit harder. Must Apply to the Sherriff court first.

BBC Web Page link
Glad this is being contributed to. More website the better to give us guidence. Post your results, positive and negative to let others know who you got on?
Following an earlier thread on this a friend of mine put in a claim to Barclays for £1,500. Barclays have offered to refund 50% with the veiled threat that if she wants to take it further they'll fight. She's looking at it as a windfall and quite pleased with the £750 for the sake of a couple of letters and phone calls.


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My housemate had charges of £1500 (I know - Muppet) but he claimed with a downloaded letter and got a letter back yesterday saying they're crediting his account with £1200, he's with HSBC... My letter went off first class last night!


This is another good one and was featured in the recent Whistle blower television documentary

Sniper_bob, I know we're used to doing what we're told (well most of the time) but tell your friend to hold out if she hasn't already agreed to the settlement. The website has template letters to cover the 3 stages of the claim: Ititial enquiry to obtain bank charges for last 6 years, request for full reimbursment and lastly, a hold out for full reimbursement pending court action to reciver funds with interest. Its important the banks don't settle a compromise with client. The web site stresses this and I agree, after all, if the boot was on the other foot..... I dont recall my bank ever negotiating with me when debiting bank charges?? Even when they know my salalry is imminent. Remember, the charges are not just unlawfull, they have been ruled illegal and the banks know it.
Thanks Pimms, its what I told her... she's retarded when it comes to money, hence racking up £1,500 in charges. She also loses any rights to challenge them against future charges. She's taking the offer and changing banks. Shame she can't change her peabrained head as easily.
I urge everyone to look through their statements from the last six years, pay particular attention to the statements that cover periods overseas and OP tours as this is when payments can slip - especially if Glasgow are getting things wrong.

Follow the advice on the money expert website - it does work I have just had a load of charges repaid.
I have just done mine using the template from

and reclaimed a total sum of £850. It only took me two letters and was p1ss easy to do. This was with First Direct.
Not yet. I have just signed the acceptance form and sent it back over the weekend. I have already opened up another account to be on the safe side!!
If they close your account, you can take them back to court as they arent allowed to penalise you, doing this is Illegal


has anyone made a claim with alliance and leicester yet? i sent off my letter for 6 years statements this morning.

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