DIY Question - Putting up a fence

I'm planning on putting up a fence half way up a 45 degree slope. The fence is going to have about three metres above ground.

At present I have two ideas on the best way to tackle this.

1: Digging deep, and using 4.5 - 5 metre poles. I know that the usual formula is 2/3 above ground and 1/3 below ground, but reckon I'll need the extra length to cope with the fact that there will be less earth holding the poles due to the slope.

2: Digging larger holes, and filling them with concrete, then using a galvanised post base that I can bolt a three metre fence post to.

I'm also planning on using angled support beams to help in case of storms or idiots kicking the fence (unfiortunately a likely scenario).

Does anyone have any comments or perhaps better ideas?



What type of wood are you using?
Soft wood should last for 10 years+
A hard wood like oak, 25+
And you should treat everything with a decent wood preserver.
Go for the concrete option and metal poles, with 1/3 below and 2/3 above (or more below if if you feel the need) you shouldn't need too much in the way of struts going in to your garden. A few braces (45 degree struts, that go along the length of the fence, low on the higher side, high on the lower side) should help with the slope and support on it.

Even though you are using metal poles you can still give it that rustic wooden appearence, by nailing planks around the poles and then varnishing them. Obviously any drilling you do will be in to the metal poles, eventually, so metal bits are needed. Either bolted all the way through, self tapped or (for pros) go for the tap and die option.

For people giving it a bit of kicking what you can do is put up chain link between the posts. Then clad in nice wood (soft wood is nice and cheap) either on both sides or just on one. From the cladded side you can make this look like a nice wooden fence, that in reality can stop a chav driven Nova.

If you want to just clad the outside, and then leave inside bare, it makes good support for climbers. Tomotoes, etc.

Esp if you add "dragons teeth" and a stinger :twisted:

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