DIY Paint Disaster - Please Help!

So I've decided to touch up some scuffs and bits I missed when I repainted three years ago to the walls around the house.

Kitchen - all good.

Everywhere else - disaster. I knew I didn't have any of the paint left, so I marched into B&Q knowing which Dulex paint I needed - "Cookie Dough". I got one of those tester pots for £1.20 as only a bit to do. Wen't home, and slapped the paint onto small patches all over the house. I waited, and waited, and waited, but it didn't dry the right colour. FECK! It was way darker than the walls!!! So clearly, my certianty about "Cookie Dough" was wrong.

So I returned to B&Q, this time certain it was "Natural Hessian" I needed. But not certain (or stupid) enough to repaint all those patches, and so just did one. Yet again, wrong colour - this time too light.

Any tips on what to do??????????? Or do I just keep trying?

Ta muchly.
If you can get a small patch of the paint from an unobtrusive area a big enough DIY place will have a paint mixer.

They do some electronic scanning thing and then the machine mixs and spits out a match. B and Q do small tester pots like this (or did when I needed it).

My experience was the match was good and the shiny new paint look soon faded to match the original areas.

Worth a try.............
2 things for you.

1. Tester pots are not the same paint as in the main will generally find they are a matt finish, whereas most all finishes are silk. this will mean it will look different depending on the light in the room.

2. Your wall paint will have faded, the longer it has been on the wall the more faded it will be, it also may be affected by the undercoat you had on the walls, the touch ups will have an extra layer of unercoat of a different colour...hence a different result.

Basically the answer is, stop being a cheap git and paint the whole room.

Cookie dough??? Natural Hessian???

Beige!!! That's the colour......BEIGE!! :D
I know its beige matey - but Dulex milk it and make 10billion shades of beige!

Anyway, after a process of elimination, alas it was "Soft Stone" is was in need of.

The patches have now been patched.

Thanks for the help!

You don't have to repaint the whole room but the whole wall should be painted again.
Decorative paints are 50% water ,the humidity of the room at the time of painting can have a big difference on the resulting final shade of the colour you have used.
So many factors,do the whole wall.
the thing is...if it is pre-mixed paint in the big tub, then imagine that batches of it will be mixed up, each batch varying slightly from the last, so the tester pots are more of an indication of the colour you would buy, rather than a definitive indication of the final colour from the big pot. If its gold paint, as in fake gold not the kind that you woud send to postalgold for example, I think you're going to have to paint the whole could try mixing some water into the test pot paint and using a cloth gently rub outwards from the patches so that it blends a bit better into the rest of the wall (but honestly I think this will just make matters worse)
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