DIY or Internet Divorce lawyers any experience

Does any one have any experience of DIY or Internet divorce lawyers. I have looked at some of the web sites and they look the real deal. But I don't want to spend money if they are a con or cause more problems than we have now. At the moment myself and the misses are getting along and have resolved most issues, so only the cost of the high street lawyers is stopping us.


Get yourself a proper lawyer mate. You may live to regret the internet variety in the years to come.
i have heard if you get a drug dealer to arrange and accident for you, not only do you benefit from permanent separation but you can possibly qualify for the insurance??

However as many know divorce is rarely agreed upon, a friend of mine is a divorce lawyer in scotland and loves it (well his practice does) as they are paid by the hour.
If it's very amicable and there are no custody issues/very high value assets like a house and you just want a bog-standard legal separation agreement, then a reasonable quality internet lawyer is fine (although they can take bloody ages). If there's any question of one of you being cited for unreasonble behaviour, a chance it could turn nasty or custody issues, better to pay the lawyers, IMO.
You can purchase the DIY divorce package from "W H Smiths". It’s in there amongst the DIY wills, etc..
Cheers for all the advice,
In our neck of the woods, it's not drug dealers you have to watch out for it's the murdering OAP's. Didn't dare go do the BL for fear of being done in.
There is custody of a young child but as I intend to move across the county she is better off living with her mum.
Unfortunately we live the other end of the UK from Scotland.
Lunch break over back to work, will check in again this evening
Cheers again.
This might be helpful to others in the future. A friend of mine has just got divorced and did everything herself. She used this website.


Which is were we have gone and downloaded the forms, it can even be used if children are involved as long as your provisions for child welfare are enough to satisfy the judge. Then send your form off, pay your money and wait. My friend had the whole thing done in 4 months and only went to the court to pay for the Decree Absolute. As she said "no thieving lawyers involved at all"
This might not be the solution for everyone but at least you know about it.
I'll post back once everything is completed, to warn others of any pit falls I come across.
While you're still getting on with her get something drawn up for holiday access / school holidays.

Its easier before her new man moves in and decides you're a cnut or she discovers your new girlfriend is more attractive than her. . .
If you really have to do it yourself then go to the Court or HMSO and get yourself the forms. It's a really bad idea though. It's a right pain in the arrse for the professionals to sort out a buggered up DIY job and it'll be twice the price you originally paid.

Internet laywers - frightening prospect. A bit like internet doctors. You just wouldn't.
I did it myself, saved a fortune, even got the outcome I wanted. Lawyers deliberately write letters to make money and drag the smallist shite out, scum! And if you are scum they will make even more money.............
....... and breath........step away from the rant!
There is a good site called Divorce-Online that does diy divorce for just £65.00 they also do consent orders and are used to dealing with MOD pension stuff as well

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