DIY Lancing Boils

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by blonde_guy, May 25, 2010.

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  1. I have a particularly annoying boil in the groin area. I've only recetly noticed it, and it has a white head and looks ripe for bursting.

    Now I've been to the NHS website and they say no, never burst! Just apply a warm compress 3 times a day. I'm not convinced.

    I don't want to go the the doctor over something so trivial, as it is a long distance to my GP.

    Will it do me a lot of harm if I run a needle under boiling water, prick the head and squeeze the puss out?
  2. medical head on....go see the doc....

    medical head off....squeeze the bugger and take photos
  3. haha wow your gonna be in for some pain, well if you do that you will need antibiotic, as having an open puss infection will cause alot of problems, if its a big spot then do it, if its a abscess of some type youll find that its hard inside and not puss. if you go to a chemist they normally do that stuff now.
  4. I agree with Bigbird, down the Docs or to the NHS Walk-in Centre. It might need packing if it's deep and you're better getting it, all the yukk, out in a 'oner'.
  5. Picture???
  6. also...serious head.....putting a blob of magnesium sulphate (any chemist sells it) on the boil and covering with a light dressing will help 'draw' it!
  7. Looks like I ought to get myself to a chemist then!
  8. My old mam would have got the saucepan on and made a hot kaolin poltice to be applied to the boil for reasons unknown. Never worked though.
  9. I would take all the advice from Bigbird, she must have them ALL the time (deep in the folds) ;)
  10. Yeah but just moving around massages all the crap out of mine....what did you THINK all the fold cheese consisted of??
  11. Nice mate :puker:
  12. :D you started it!!!
  13. DIY version -

    1) get an empty glass bottle with fat body and a relatively small opening - a bit like those long necked gucci olive oil ones.

    2) Heat the glass up with hot water -- the hotter the better

    3) Place the mouth of the bottle over the head of the boil and then immediately wrap the bottle in a cloth/face
    flannel soaked in cold water.

    4) Hot air in bottle shrinks when cooled, resulting in a vacuum effect which sucks the puss right out.

    5) Repeat - cos it's fun.

    The hotter you can get the bottle, and the quicker you can cool it, the more dramatic the suction.

    If you clean the bottle mouth and the surrounding area of skin with spirit (scotch etc) before the procedure and afterwards, on the skin, and cover with a sterile strip or dressing you stand a good chance of being OK.

    Worked at treat on my arrse once, cheers Grandma for the method, but post op sterilising stings a bit.

  14. You can use that to draw splinters as well!!