DIY Divorce - Bailiff

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Moodybitch, Jan 9, 2010.

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  1. I am currently doing a DIY divorce and dealing directly with the courts myself.

    My husband refused to sign the Acknowledgment of Service so I have just had to pay for a court bailiff to serve the papers on him in camp.

    It is likely that he will ignore this however, so I will have to apply for special procedure to obtain my decree nisi.

    I am unable to speak with the bailiff, and i am getting conflicting info from the net as to what period of time my husband gets in order to respond before I can apply to move to the next stage.

    Some sites say 29 days, others say 8 and it's bloody confusing me.

    For the record, there are no children to sort out, no propert issues (as we were in MQ & I have already moved out) and I am not claiming anything from him financially.

    Has anyone here undertaken a DIY divorce before? If so, could you throw any light on this for me cos it's p1ssing me reet off?
  2. Went through the same thing recently, best place I found for advice was Here

    They have a couple of really good legal types on there who are happy to give advice for free. Good luck and don't get to frustrated with it, life goes on as they say.

  3. Cheers, much appreciated.
  4. It's 8 days from initial receipt of the acknowledgment of service doesnt give time frame as far as i can see for how long he gets after bailiff service of divorce papers.......fcuk sake, it would have been less hassle to just kill him :D
  5. Change him for her and I'd agree with you! As I found out if the respondent doesn't want to sign, your screwed, nothing on gods earth can force them........ on the up side, In my case I'm shot of the bitch, she signed........... eventually!!!!
  6. Sounds like you don't need a need a hitman, much quicker!
  7. I'm divorcing for unreasonable behaviour, but for some serious issues for which no judge would decline a divorce request. I don't need his signature, but he is delaying everything by months potentially and it's pointless because he can't stop it.

    How long do you get for murder these days? Might be quicker and cheaper :D
  8. Sounds like the same sort of situation, Divorce is still quicker than culpable homicide ............. food is shit in Holloway :)

    I found being nice eventually got the signature............. it was shit but being nice worked for me. (that and holding certain photo's she didn't want her Boss/Parents/kids to see :) )
  9. think yourself lucky Moods

    the b1tch I married( was I drunk?) has taken me to the cleaners, and still wants another 5 fking grand for the divorce, and she left me ffs, fking german slag...not that Im bitter or anything you see :D
  10. Don't have the option of being nice, we are waaaay past that!

    I have requested that my divorce costs are repaid by my spouse so hopefully at least i will get my money back.

    Is marriage for tw@ts? Hmmmmm this could be a whole new thread! :D
  11. Well I don't see the point in taking him for money he has earned, it's his not mine.....but i want my fcuking money back for what i have had to spend divorcing him.

    Don't be bitter, just get someone younger and better looking :)
  12. well maybe I have but thats up to her :)

    still fuming about the house though haha

    like they say you have to move on and have no regrets
  13. I have moved on...but obviously he hasn't
  14. tbh moods I was like that for a while..about 4 months, but when I actually got it through my thick skull I did realise it was over.