DIY denistry , money saving sloution or stupid idea ?

Discussion in 'DIY' started by dobi-wallah, Jan 29, 2011.

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  1. basicly , had two teeth needing extracted before i went to selection , got one out and it was the worst experience of my life , and no matter how hard i tried to persuade the dentist she wouldnt take the other one out on the same day. so done selection and then had to cancel the other appointment to get the other tooth out because of some other stuff i had going on , problem is now i dont want to go back and i am wondering , how dangerous is it to just get some pliers and pull the fecker out my gob myself ? anyone else done this or know of this happening ?
  2. If you snap the root off you're risking abcess and or osteomyelitis in the bone. Go to the dentist or pm fang farrier
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  3. Basically, it's not like just pulling pegs out of a plank of wood. The roots that stick out at the bottom usually give it some kind of 'thread' and if you are not in a position to 'feel' which way that is going - which you won't be because of the pain and the stress - then you really are heading for trouble.

    Because if you break a part of the tooth off inside your jaw you will quickly develop an abscess bad enough to kill you. Or, worse, because the whole thing will hurt so much, not kill you.
  4. is there anyway in which you can be put under so that your are completly asleep ? as my "dentist" is polish or some sort of white immigrant and i think has all of the dentistry skill of a car mechanic
  5. Find another dentist. Go to one of the ones with pictures of grinning middle-class bellends showing off their pearly white, engineered gnashers over slogans like "Are you happy with your smile?" They'll do a great job and it will hurt a lot less than if you go to one in Chav Central where the worst of the immigrant dentists set up shop. If you're too tight to pay for a good dentist, then expect a bad dentist who'll do a bad job.

    The other giveaway is the state of the dental nurses: if they look like they'd blow you after three alcopops, bad dentist; if they look like they'd want dinner and Champagne and then tell you to piss off anyway, good dentist.
  6. My Dentist is Czech. She is excellent and pretty too.

  7. im still under 18, just , so i dont pay anyway unless i get drugs in which case i have to pay for them , when i got the last tooth out i got an injection , but it was still very painful , when i told her this she said to be quiet and it was just the fear that was making me imagin the pain ::O
  8. If she did indeed say that to you then you should consider reporting it to the General Dental Council GDC - General public - Reporting unfitness to practise - Reporting a dental professional

    DIY tooth pulling is never a good idea for the reasons stated in the previous posts. Putting someone out completely is normally only done for multiple extractions these days and mostly in the confines of a hospital.
    If you are desperate, pop into your local casualty and complain that the toothache is so bad that the side of your head feels like it`s about to explode. If they`ve got someone on site they will x ray and maybe pull the tooth there and then. Personally I`d try and find another dentist if I were you.
  9. What the **** has being Polish got to do with anything?
  10. H3

    H3 LE

    That's a load of bull as they use the minimum Of pain relief , if you can feel it she should administer more ..... We have the same here with a friendly good looking Polish dentist but after you've been in her chair you want to knock the bitch out ..... Change your dentist !
  11. its just , for me anyway, when the dentist and dental nurse both speak basic english and cant explain things very well or understand me very well it makes the whole situation worse , thats just for me anyway
  12. My dentist is Danish and rubs her tits on my head while she works. I was there four times last month!
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  13. :shock: Oh FFS! :threaten: Stop whinging and go see a proper dentist to get it sorted. It doesn't hurt that bad to get your teeth pulled by a skilled chopper medic. I should know because I had to have 4 teeth pulled in my upper jaw after an unfortunate altercation with another player during a game of combat basketball. And this was just under Novocaine. The dental technician swabbed my gums and the doc shot in the good stuff to numb it up. After 10 minutes my mouth was numb enough for him to go in with a pair of pliers and yank out four at once with the stealthy touch of a pick-pocket. :plotting: Never knew what was going on at the time. When I asked the dentist if I could see my tombstones he let me handle them. He didn't want to let me have them though for a necklace. Rotten luck that.

  14. Once had a dentist who would fill your gob with wadding etc . Then regale you with tales of his National Service on bomb disposal. Made one wonder what he was packing the fillings with, Nobels 808.

  15. My Sidney never had a car, it was black.