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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. It appears that work may try to prevent me from attending camp this year. I had problems late last year and I only went away for the 5 days on the provisio that I could return to work ASAP if needed.

    I think I can get around work but would need to be on camp somewhere with easy access to Yorks or South West London .

    Is work just being OTT, I think they are worried that the TA would be a barrier in getting hold of me - a normal holiday wouldn't be a problem? Has anyone had similar exerience or know of solution. (The problem only lasts until June 2008)
  2. Are you restricting yourself to attending Annual Camp? Could you not choose a training camp (i.e. trade, qualification etc)?

    How does work handle you going on holiday?
  3. None left to attend except BOWMAN conversion

    Its percieved the TA is a barrier to communication (I think), not just my firm we are a subcontracting to a bigger firm (its them thats getting worried as they have had more experience of the MOD)
  4. If they view you as that important that they can't spare you for a few weeks you should ask for a BIG payrise.

    Otherwise as they are aware of your commitment to the TA and all that it entails they don't have many options - they certainly can't sack you, but only you know your work situation and how difficult they could make life.
  5. Guess I'm also part of the problem, I don't want to upset work and be invaluable (and I don't want to push it just in case work begins to view TA membership badly). I think I've already buggered up any chance of promotion within the TA this year as I've become a less frequent attender by putting work first on several occasions.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    As you absolutely should.

  7. Are you saying that yiou would be barred from going on holiday too? Or do they expect you to check in from the beach?
  8. No, actually on hols since 5pm today for 1.5 weeks :D But have taken works PC home with me and given assurances that I could be contacted via email or phone, although I don't expect them to contact me.

    I think they are worried that when I'm in uniform that flexibility has gone.
  9. msr

    msr LE

    As you absolutely shouldn't - it's a holiday for goodness sake!

  10. OMG, you log in to work email on holiday?
  11. work to live not live to work
    he who tries and does his best goes down the road just like the rest
  12. WhiteHorse, no I don't log onto work email.

    oldnwise, yeah true but we work for each other and have a bit of pride. Not too sure I like the 'I'm not going home first' culture.
  13. Have you taken the works PC home so you can keep logged onto ARRSE?
    At the end of the day work should come first, (not for me), when I came back of Telic I told my employer to shove their job and found a company who see me being in the TA as something of an asset and encourage my being a member.
    You sound like you are a well trained guy who is valuable to the company you work for, stand up for yourself or find a job where they will be happy for you to serve your country.
    Its hard to take the plunge believe me but things always turn out for the best.
  14. Well it gets a little confusing, cause words like that keep me where I am.
  15. I did a reduced camp last year as I had only just started a new job and I needed to be there for training but I have landed on my feet.
    My last company treated me when I came back off tour like I had just come back from my lunch, so I bit the bullet and jacked in and and went out and sorted a job were I get the best of both worlds, being on tour made me realise my full potential, alls I'm saying is that the grass IS sometimes greener on the other side.