Dixie's Corner watch cover- a review

Once, I had a combat Casio. However, after an unpleasant 0500hrs '**** why can't I turn the alarm off and use the light button at the same time' doss-bag nightmare, I decided to get a new watch.

In December last year I suffered an uncharacteristic bout of unnecessary retail syndrome, and bought myself a TaWaTec EO Diver watch (reviewed on ARRSE). Considering it cost me £138, and I smashed the bezel on exercise a few weeks after getting it, and then smashed the replacement a few hours after receiving it, I decided to buy a watch cover.

Protective Watch Cover

I switched out the leather strap for a rubber one and stuck it in the cover. It's done several exercises since and it's not disappointed.

The Good

-It's strong Cordura and won't break
-Excellent protection from scrapes
-Hides the permanent tritium glow from H3 watches
-Folds away when using the watch

The Bad

-It's velcro, so when wet/muddy it does flop open. However, I'm sure Dixie's will fit a popstud for you if you desire it
-Cordura isn't waterproof, so it will wet out and the watch face will get wet

The Ugly

Cordura is not nice on skin. After a little while it'll become comfortable but it takes some breaking in. It will also need washed now and then to get rid of the dead skin that accumulates. Be prepared for the odd sore patch and the skin-side of the cover looking like eczema confetti.

Overall, for £15 delivered it's worth the investment. Keeps the muck out of your watch and protects the face from scratches. The prevention is cheaper than the cure, and I'd recommend one to anyone.

I'd take some photos of my watch in the cover, but I don't have the cover with me at the moment.
I just used to keep my watch in my smock pocket. That way, it didn't irritate my skin, didn't get caught on the wagon or camnet and it didn't glow like a christmas tree in the dark.
I always found the G1098 version to be perfectly acceptable, functional and..it wasn't mine. So when it broke I just exchanged it.
I used a leather watch cover thing decades ago. It worked well enough, but the leather eventually gave way at the buckle, probably due to too much rain, strain and using graphite grease on the rust. Good luck with your Cordura, it looks the bees knees.

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