Dixies Corner Heavily Modified Shortback Infantry Bergen for Sale

This has only been used on 2 exercises, I've came into possession of the Air Support Bergen so going to use that from now on.

This has the padded shoulder straps modification, 2 x Mesh Side Pouches, 3 x Utility Pouches along front and also has a floating lid. Anyone into serious work will appreciate the benefits of the floating lid, particularly for strapping your daysac and comms kit under when your main compartment is full of extra ammo, trip flares and that sort of shit.

Mesh pouches are great for jungle selection or just stuffing rations wrappers and dirty socks down if you've got side pouches on with them.

Padded shoulders go without saying, god send if you're doing mileage or on the hills, although I wouldn't use a shortback for that. The utils, great for anyone who actually lives out the thing, I tend to use one for boot kit and spare socks etc, one for extra water and one for wash kit and mozzie net etc.

£150 plus postage no offers thats a sensible price.


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