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Divvy up the $20 million lads.....

Eggbanjo said:
......and fill ya boots.

Was'nt sure if this should go in CA or NAAFI but feck it.

So there you are bimbling through the cuds when you stumble on $20 million............I phissed myself when I heard this on the radio today, got me thinking what a Company of Brit squaddies would do.


......read the last paragraph :D

Remember hearing that when it was first found out.
Like the bit about two of them, one setting up a resturant in Ecudar
the other undergoing a Sex change, totally Holywood material. :eek:
WhiteHorse said:
Wouldnt go far in the UK though would it, £75 grand a man, wouldnt even pay off my mortgage, mores the pity..
To put it into perspective, mean GDP/Capita is around £3,700. So, the question is really what would you do when 20 years worth of salary gets dropped into your lap?

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