Divulje Barracks Split Summer 1995

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chunkygucci, Jun 4, 2011.

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  1. Anyone on here that was on the OP Grapple 6 Tour of Bosnia in 1995?

    Remember watching Lynx & The Searcher's in bottom hanger CSE Show?

    Lynx's chain-link bra fell off and everyone went crazy !!!!

    The Searchers sang "Sweets for my Sweet, Sugar for my honey......."

    RSM Neil Turnbull was in charge of HQBRITFOR for the duration.

    The Joint Forces Yacht "Kurkri" took aload of us out for a jolly around Hvar, Brac and back to Trogir on a bar crawl for a few days R&R.

    Happy days. :)
  2. Yes.

  3. Was there on GRAPPLE 3/4 in 94. Saw one of the RE search team hang himself from a Lynx undercarriage. Hope this helps.
  4. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Was it the worlds lowest hanging?
    Surely the undercarrage is on the ground?
    Or did he lasso it as it flew past?
  5. It was probably flying upside down.
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  6. Yes

    No, however we had Jim Davidson as a CSE show and some bird from Grange Hill as a dancer.
  7. Got fk all on grapple 2 apart fron Sam Fox and two other page 3 birds. Only time;s in Split was arrival,R&R and leaving.
  8. I hasten to add that I only transited through Split
  9. Was there at the back end of 97, Kid Creole and the Coconuts were the CSE show :)

    One of our units most drunken bum types greeted him off the aircraft on the pan with "So where's king Crud n his nuts then?", several suppressed smiles and guffaws. He did answer to it though with "I guess that'll be me then" laughing. Guess he had a sense of humour after all :)

    Happy days in the asbestos riddled hangar, and better nights down in Trogir town :)
  10. Can they do that?
  11. Yes i recall that night.mr davidson gettin heckled of some tankie types at the front,storming off in a huff and some brass telling everyone to behave,so he could finish his show.i also recall cleaning up afterwards and finding loads of womens knicks lying about.strange cunts those tankie types.
  12. I spent time at Dalma Warehouse in 97/98 and we had showaddywaddy. I was dipped for the bar and ended up more wankered than the audience/punters :)
  13. Split. Fuckin REMF city.
    Ploce Death Camp. Mt Igman. The place to be in the summer of '95 ;-)
    When Kate "Albatross Reporter of Death" Adie wasn't about that is. Cursed woman.
  14. I had my 21st Birthday out there on the 12th of July 1995 when Srebrenica attrocities kicked off.

    Hotel Medina on the Split coast road did the BEST stone baked pizza's in their basement kitchen/restaurant.

    Had to get an RMP escort back to Divulje one night went I did the pizza run and a load of local kids stole the light bulbs from the back of my Land Rover. :)

    Not as bad as when another member of my section went to get the pizza's one night and got rammed off the road, dragged into the ditch at gun point and they nicked his Land Rover !!!

    We bloodly starved that night :crash:
  15. Fibber! They sent that cnut out whose act was sound effect impressions (Spitfire, Train etc). Only CSE could have thought that would be entertaining.
    Mind you better than that stuck up lesbian dwarf Sam Fox who would only converse with the blue bloods. I did enjoy listening to two of the Jocks we had attached to the Yorkies ask her minder "what was he there for?". His reply of "To stop you lot getting too close" was met by a sly grin from the porridge wog and a comment of "Think yer hard do we big man?". Said Gorilla smiled and said, "Hard enough to take care of any soldier out here", to which the porridge wog smiled sweetly again, pointed to his rifle and said "Nae yer feckin not".
    Gorilla went a pale shade and Lesbian Dwarf suddenly had to leave the delights of GV. :thumright:
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