Divorcing a German National

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by JayMal, Jan 1, 2013.

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  1. I'm after talking to someone who has experience with going through a divorce with a German National, we're both posted in Germany but was married in Uk (not sure if that makes a difference). If u can spare a moment I would appreciate it if someone could message me.Cheers
  2. Is anyone aware weather being married in UK makes a difference? Can I start divorce proceedings from UK or do I have to do it in Germany?
  3. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    If you were married in the UK, start divorce proceedings in the UK, simples.
  4. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    To add: No further ceremonies took place in Germany did they (especially before going to the UK to get wed) or on your return ?
  5. No just married in UK, no ceremonies in Germany at all. We're still posted in Germany now though. Can she still start the proceedings from Germany? I know the Germans are good at screwing you over
  6. Have you ever tried iT???? Idid with my second wife!after 12 months wrangling and wifey demanding huge amounts of money I was advised toforget the divorce stay in the family home let her live there too, even with no children I had to pay her 2000marks a month maintenance,it is german family law you must provide enough for your wife to have the same standard of living as if you were still married, if you fall behind in payments they can and will put you in jail, Ilved in the same house as my ex for 12 years never acknowledging her presence, even the children from her first marriage ignored her, she eventually died,I had her cremated,her ashes are in an hourglass on my desk the grandchildren love giving the witch in the glass a shake !!
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  7. Surely times have changed since then? This still cant be true, I do have 2 kids though, any1 any ideas about how much I'll be forking out each month????
  8. Yeah she's a civvy, I know getting a solicitor is inevitable just trying to gather some info from experience of others...if any1's got some, throw it my way :)
  9. Basically I have about 20k in savings and fully furnished quarter, I'm willing to give her the lot, I just have a feeling she's gonna make it as complicated as she can, I kind of want to hear what others have been through and ended up paying!! I won't resent paying for my kids, but if she wanted to, how could she screw me over?
  10. Army Legal Assistance at B'feld deal with divorce. But if there are kids and substantial assets involved they are likely to suggest you contact a civilian solicitor in England.
  11. Anyone recommend a solicitor who deal with this situation, hopefully from someone who has been in this situation???
  12. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    I have actually; Once in Germany and once in the UK. The German system I know well, and although things may have changed, the OP was married in the UK under English law. So my advice is to start UK proceedings with a brief experienced in EU marital stuff. ANY brief will try to screw you over don't forget, regardless of country. However,whilst Herrn Wullie Schiessenkopf will demand German family rights, the UK brief can tell him to kindly piss orf, as the marriage is under English law. With respect, your brief was shit! Typically told you that they had experience blah blah kerrching, then when Wullie played hard, they told you to stop having a life (You should twat the fecker)

    OP - If you have not been wed long, speak to the Frau about a clean break divorce whereby you both agree that what you came into the marriage with, you go out with without penalty....If no kids involved of course. If she agrees, you can hire a brief for a grand (or less) to write the formal court guff ......saving £££`s on parasite fees.
  13. I have 2 kids, start proceedings in Uk and make sure I send the marriage certificate to my solicitor then. If she started the proceedings from Germany can I still use a British solicitor or do I have to use a German 1??
  14. I can't speak for german law but my divorce, whilst in Cyprus, was handled by army legal and my solicitor was brilliant. She was on my side from minute 1 and determined to not let me get screwed over. All I ended up paying was £130 for solicitors time in UK. I have heard army legal horror stories so maybe I got lucky with mine. Plus she was good looking with a lovely set too!
    Seriously though, I wish you the best of luck.
  15. Has any1 here divorced a German with kids?