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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by LBdr_Pigshagger, Jan 14, 2005.

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  1. Just got the first petition through this morning. Anyone else had one similar to this? "Unreasonable Behaviour?" My Arrse.....


    "During the time of our marriage and almost as soon as we returned from Honeymoon, my husband would attend football matches and frequently return home drunk and abusive.

    There are numerous instances throughout my marriage of unreasonable behaviour, but there are at least three occasions that I can recall clearly with the aid of my diary.

    On Friday 12th March 2004, My husband left our home to attend a West Ham away match in the North of England, which involved a flight from Stansted Airport. When I asked him when he was returning he replied “Tomorrow Night” and so I naturally assumed he would be back the following evening.

    When he still hadn’t returned by Sunday lunchtime and I hadn’t been able to reach him all weekend on his mobile telephone, I was naturally worried and concerned so I started to call friends and family to see if anyone had heard from him. On around my fourth or fifth call, I telephoned the wife of one of my husband’s friends, who informed me that it was “common knowledge” that the party wasn’t returning to Stansted Airport until late on Sunday Evening.

    My Husband eventually returned home drunk at 01:00hrs on Monday 15th March 2004 and laughed because he didn’t consider what he had done to be wrong.

    When he had sobered up, he promised that it would never happen again, but on Tuesday May 18th 2004, he left the marital home to watch West Ham United play Ipswich Town in the First Division play-off final.

    Again, he stayed out all night without telephoning me and when our bank statement arrived at the end of the month, I found out he had made a withdrawal from our joint account at an ATM in Stepney, East London around 02:00 hrs the following morning for £300.00. This meant that I had to take money from my own savings account to cover Direct Debit payments, scheduled to come out in June. Again, I was naturally upset, but my husband didn’t see what the problem was.

    The final straw was on 20th June 2004 when I opened my own personal credit card statement and saw a purchase for £435.00 payable to WHUFC Plc. Knowing that this was West Ham United and that season ticket renewals were due, I telephoned my husband to query this purchase. He immediately denied making it and said that the football club must have made “Some kind of mistake” I didn’t believe him, so I let this charade continue for a week or so, then confronted him again where he finally admitted that he had renewed his season ticket using my credit card.

    It was at this point I felt that I was unable to put up with this kind of behaviour any longer and I told him that because of the spending, the time he could not account for when he didn’t return home and the frequent lying that our marriage was over. I then asked him to leave.."
  2. Wimmin, they just don't understand us do they? :D
  3. RTFQ


    You're better off without her mate. The is one universal truth, women are fun and exciting until you marry them.

    Here endeth the lesson
  4. The only 'unreasonable behaviour' there is supporting West Ham. She's got you on that one though :roll:
  5. Trust me mate, left the marital home six months ago and have never looked back. I would never, ever mary again and am quite content working my way around Essex, smashing the granny out of various single mothers for a couple of weeks at a time.

    Women? You can't live with 'em and you can't live with 'em....
  6. ........ and her problem is ...?
  7. Exactly.

    Humourless bitch.... :D
  8. Support Preston North End myself 8)