I’m after some sensible advice regarding my never ending divorce:

I have been separated from my wife for over 18 months and due to her getting a solicitor involved a year ago I have been paying over £200 per hour for a solicitor in the hope of a quick resolution to the solution. 12 months later and despite paying a standing order for £250 per month I’m still facing a bill for over £2000 and we are no nearer to reaching an end. My wife has been granted legal aid and does not have the financial burden of paying for a solicitor, which coupled with child maintenance is crippling me.

My problem is that my solicitor is not experienced with dealing with Army Pensions, and I’m not sure the advice he’s giving me is correct. I have colleagues at work in a similar situation as me that don’t seem to have paid anything like the amounts of money he’s talking about.

If anyone has had experience of this or if you know of a solicitor that has experience with Army Pensions I would be so grateful.

Many thanks


Merry Xmas


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Have you tried the RBL?
They have lawyers used to dealing with Military problems and could put you in touch with someone who may be able to help
My mate went through them to sue the RAF
I was quoted £90 a hour for a solicitor but decided against it even though my German wife had a solicitor. I even went back to Germany to state my case.
I had all my paperwork in order so it was not as bad as first thought.
My new wife (after 5 years back as a single soldier) says have you tried SSAFA? Good luck anyhow!
£200 an hour is well over the top, your getting ripped off. As the boy syrup said, get a lawyer who is used to dealing with military problems.

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