Divorce/Clean Break questions

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by andrew1981, Feb 28, 2013.

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  1. Firstly, hi im new to the website, thought I wpuld join as one of the lads at work is always on it laughing!


    I have 2 children and was married for 8 years, got divorced jan 2011 DIY style using the internet, but never got round to clean breaking due to tours etc etc.

    I left the marriage with the "family debt" and have just paid it off in full. Will that debt be taken into account when I sorting out my clean break? Or will it just be my pension that is at risk?

    It all seems a bit of a minefield.

    Thanks very much, any advice is welcome
  2. The good news is she can only claim half of your pension for the time you were married. so its only 4 years...a couple of ways to deal with that....give her the cash for the four years, or the four years worth goes into a pesion for her to pick up in her old age.(she will prob go for the hard cash)..the debt should be taken into account....as you say, its the family debt, it would be good if you have documentation to support the fact that it is the family debt.......good luck..
  3. Okay, yeah I do have documentation to support the joint debt too. Will it still be taken into consderation even if I havepaid it off in full?
    Thanks for the help
  4. Should do but best ask the question on the forum I mentioned they are pretty good at giving you the info you need.
  5. not necessarily so, but given the relatively short marriage this is likely.
    however, it needs to be wrapped up in an order. If you give her cash without it, she can come back for more, up to and including the time your estate is distributed after your death.
    Im sure a template consent order, with clean break and dismissal of all others, and a pension share annex will be online if you google it.

    oh , and I doubt the debt will be taken into account - judges tend to take the 'we are where we are' approach , penalising the thrifty and benefiting those that have run up debt between separation and final financial relief.
  6. Thanks very much for all the advice. Im going to see a solicitor in the net few weeks to see what the score is
  7. Good luck and dont give in just for a quiet live, make sure its fair...
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  10. Some simple advice, If you don't have any rugrats, just burn the house to the ground preferably with her in it then sail off into the sunset. Yes I am a twisted and bitter divorcee thank you for asking.
  11. Why not PM Jarrod and sort whatever it is that's got you upset instead of starting a row on the first page of a thread where someone has asked for advice and is getting genuine responses?
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