Divorce and my pension?

I am going to seek advice next week from the Forces Pension Society and a divorce lawyer. The questions below are purely to set my mind at ease so l can sleep tonight!

Ive just seperated from the wife a week ago. We were together for 8 years and 10 months, my career will last 24 years. Is she entitled to half my pension for the 8 and a bit years of marriage only?

We live in Scotland, so Scottish law applies.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Cant f**king wait to be single again!!
If its any help I had served longer than you with longer to go. They got an estimate of the worth of the MOD pension (at the break up point), added in all of the other assets and split it 50/50. I had to pay her what I didn't have over the next few years. The benefit for me was that she didn't get any of my pension when I started getting it. Meant tightening belt for a few years but worth it in the long run, after all I could still be married to her ;-)


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Cheers mate
Sorry to hear your predicament DC, having been through it my only advice is keep your powder dry and your tongue still!

Join the Army Pension Society as I am sure they are experts at this as you are nowhere near the first, or last, to be in this position.
Whatever happens, keep it amicable, civil and polite; it'll save you f***ing thousands in the long run.

I have known mates and work colleagues who have 'gone for the jugular' in divorce proceedings out of petty vindictiveness, or because they have felt slighted by their ex's actions, or whatever. The net effect is that a/ they are now still extremely bitter, years down the line, and b/ the costs of the extra lawyer time, court appearances etc etc etc have run into 5-figure sums of money.

Living well is the best outcome - I have written on another thread about a mate of mine who for years was PROPERLY f***ed over by his now ex-Mrs, who personified the expression 'snake-with-tits'. He's now happily married to a female airline pilot (who is as fit as a butcher's dog), is a 747 Captain himself and therefore earns c£140k pa plus bonuses, and is extremely close to his three kids all of whom are grown up now; his ex-Mrs, on the other hand is nearly 60 and on her own, a serial pisshead, has a drunk driving conviction, and is nigh-on estranged from their children.
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As A/Y stated above. Also get a specialist divorce lawyer and not a 'general family lawyer'

Good luck
Thanks for the advice guys.

Im feeling better about it already!
My ex tried the same trick.
Told her lawer i would get my pension when lm sixty.
Never heard a word since.
Quick update;
Spoke to the Forces Pension Society a few months ago and received some information that l have never heard before;
Apparently, my ex is entitled half my pension for the time we were together (9 years) and could make this legal in whats called a "pension sharing order". What l didnt know is that she isnt entitled to a penny until she is 65 years old!
Armed with this information, it was relatively easy to get her to sign a seperation agreement where l will give her 5 grand from my lump sum on discharge and thats all.
So, its all good, lm happy and only 8 months till l can get divorced and move on with my life.
Thanks to the guys who gave advice on this thread and a big thanks to the FPS for all the legal advice with regard to my pension.
@Don Carlo
The Jocks are ahead of England and Wales WRT pensions and divorce - she'll only get a share of the pension accrued while you where married.
A lot better than the system south of the border.
@Don Carlo
The Jocks are ahead of England and Wales WRT pensions and divorce - she'll only get a share of the pension accrued while you where married.
A lot better than the system south of the border.
She knows that mate......made it easy for me to get her to accept what l was offering.
I was really surprised how different things are north of the border.

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