Divorce and legal aid.

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by mucus2, Aug 18, 2009.

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  1. Can I get legal aid to divorce my wife?
    I haven't lived with here since May last year, she has agreed to it, we aren't in conflict over maintenance for our daughters, nor my access to them.
    I aren't working at present.
  2. Why bother? I think there is a form you can get if you are both in agreement, where you get divorced without using a solicitor. Get a lawyer and it is almost certain to get nasty. It is much easier after 2 years separation.

  3. DIY divorce is a lot cheaper and if there are no conflicts could be the way.

    Loads on google
  4. Just be sure to put the custody arrangements in writing with a witness.
  5. If you are on benefits you get free legal aid to divorce the other person, starting from the date you go to your Solicitor, so if you do start working after that date the charges won't become silly or you won't get any charges. You might have to phone a few to find one that does legal aid cases.

    I wouldn't touch DIY and Judge will only give absolute if provisions for the children have been agreed and signed by you both.

    My advice...keep it 'friendly' especially when new partners come along, don't listen to poison crapola from extended family and resolve all issues or you'll never move on.