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Divn't Talk Tae Me

Having met a few ARRSErs I know what they sound like is not always as I had imagined them to sound. For instance I had always thought Jarrod would sound like Julian Clary and was quite surprised that he sounded more like Jeremy Clarkson.

Whenever Sixty posts I always imagine James May speaking even though I know he's really a Jock.

Hector Chavez I imagine sounding like one of the Gallagher brothers and Smartascarrots to me is the tall thin one from the Big Bang Theory.

What voices or accents do you imagine ARRSErs to have?
All of you have uninletlgable non-North Wales accent and sound like chalk on a blackboard to me, except BiscuitAB who sounds quite normal!
5Alpha talks like a Oxbridge graduate, as his lack of street chat blud is deafening

Ravers is the poor cockney twat made good and has this awful cringworthy plummy droll

Boozy has that husky horny voice, probably as a result of to much salty gargling

Aud Yin talks like one of my old incoherant uncles. A constant triade of brap-hun-bip-aye-ya-ken

has one of those whiny smug told-you-so-because-I-know-every-thing accents that irritates the fuck out of you.

Me, my accent is a commanding and authoritive southern English, but slightly cockney chirpiness with a hint of James Mason about it


I personally think this sums up 5A

snail sounds, and looks like an anorexic version of this

which is why we got banned from the shittest pub in Richmond.

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