Divn't Talk Tae Me

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Markintime, Dec 20, 2011.

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  1. Having met a few ARRSErs I know what they sound like is not always as I had imagined them to sound. For instance I had always thought Jarrod would sound like Julian Clary and was quite surprised that he sounded more like Jeremy Clarkson.

    Whenever Sixty posts I always imagine James May speaking even though I know he's really a Jock.

    Hector Chavez I imagine sounding like one of the Gallagher brothers and Smartascarrots to me is the tall thin one from the Big Bang Theory.

    What voices or accents do you imagine ARRSErs to have?
  2. I imagine P_Gs voice is some what muffled by a gimp mask and ball gag.
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  3. I always imagine you to sound like a farmer from Somerset if I'm honest. :razz:
  4. All of you have uninletlgable non-North Wales accent and sound like chalk on a blackboard to me, except BiscuitAB who sounds quite normal!
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  5. No he doesn't! He sounds like a typical northern monkey. Always complaining about something.
  6. Like I said then.
  7. Oh, and Stacker1. I always imagine him with a deep, slow and ponderous Nigerian accent.
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  8. Is there such a thing as 'quite normal' on Arrse ;-)
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  9. I imagine Legs to sound like Brian Blessed.
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  10. Dashing Chap - a home-made patrician upper-class accent unconvincingly applied, like water-based varnish put on with a tarbrush, over the bestial tones of a Watford guttersnipe.
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  11. Grey Mafia = Hattie Jaques

    Big Bird = Penelope Keith

    TheSnail = Nora Batty
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  12. Fixed that, as it is near the season of goodwill you can have that gratis
  13. I imagine 5A to sound like Mike Tython
  14. Fuck me what is it with you lot today.
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  15. I hope that Forastero sounds like Joe Pasquale.